Hello everyone, my name is Kenthos. To give you a little background, I’m a Day1 player and I’ve accumulated a little bit of experience in the game so far, ranking 1st in the three Ranked Events we’ve had until now without spending a lot, I feel like new players could use some guidance on pulling for new banners since there are a lot of skippable banners going around these days, I also hope to bring the community together to discuss new banners when they are released.

Please do keep in mind that this review is SUBJECTIVE and based solely on MY OPINION, this is by no means a guide you must follow, feel free to agree/disagree and share your own opinion/review since the primarily goal of this is to discuss upcoming banners with the community.

Today I’m gonna give a brief review on both new units: 

  • [The Girl who Loved Flowers] Ronie
  • [Page’s Job] Tiese

[The Girl who Loved Flowers] Ronie

Element – Earth
Weapon – Rapier
Kit – [B] [A] [E]

Magic Attack: 2125
That’s a very modest magic attack stat, falling behind 9 other characters, specially keeping in mind her fellow earth element competitors: Stacia v2 (2305)Solus v2 (2295)Sunbeams Alice (2230) and Linel (2160). In conclusion, she’s not very good as a magic earth DPS since there are far better options, but what about utility?

Speed: 320
The best speed stat in-game so far, tied at 320 with OS Asuna (dark)Fizel (earth) and Renly (wind), judging by the speed alone this is very good, but it doesn’t do wonders if the rest of her kit is underwhelming. Keep following the analysis.

First Skill: Stone Grave Heal B Lv.2
It’s interesting but a pretty simple skill, you break for 50% and heal (weak) your whole team at the same time, it’s nice to have but definitely not worth pulling for her just because of this.

Second Skill: Skill Connect Rock Crush A+ Lv.2
The usual extra strong single target assault. It’s not really that interesting since there are a lot of characters that do the same and she has a very modest magic attack.

Third Skill: Quick & Focus
Raises MATK of all allies by 15% for 2 turns and has a short wait time after using. Outclassed by Stacia v1 (light) which heals and buffs for 20% and even OG Tiese (fire), that has the same 20% magic attack buff.

Incarnate Skill: Ground Break Lv.2
Incarnate Magic attack on all enemies while recovers the HP (weak) of all allies, this incarnate skill is similar to OS Yuna’s (dark), with the difference being that OS Yuna’s (dark) recover a flat 25% vs. this one that has a (weak) heal. Outclassed by a lot of other incarnates, specially considering her above-mentioned low magic attack stat.

When should you consider pulling for [The Girl who Loved Flowers] Ronie?

  • If you lack breakers, she has a nice break with a built-in healing.
  • If you lack earth characters (even though she is outclassed by the majority of them, if you really don’t have any others, you might consider this).
  • If you lack magic attack buffers such as Stacia v1 (light) or OG Tiese (fire).
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Ronie, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, even though Flowers Ronie (earth) is a decent unit, she can be considered underwhelming when compared to similar ones. Even though she has a very good speed stat, her magic attack stat is low to be considered a good magic earth DPS and her skills do not offer anything special to make up for it. In conclusion, this unit could be considered safe to skip if you have good substitutes. It’s worth mentioning that I think she’s better than Page Tiese (light) as an individual unit.

[Page’s Job] Tiese

Element: Light
Weapon: Sword
Kit: [C] [A] [A]

Magic Attack: 2145
A slightly better than Flower Ronie (earth) but still very modest magic attack stat, also falling behind 9 other characters, specially keeping in mind her fellow light element competitors: Stacia v1 (2200) and OG Ronie (2180). In conclusion, she has less competition than Flower Ronie (earth) but also doesn’t shine.

Speed: 305
Pretty average speed stat, being outsped by a whopping 23 characters and tying with Sunbeams Alice (earth) which also has 305.

First Skill: Skill Connect Luminous Ball C+ Lv.2
A magic attack (strong) single target 20% charge with a bonus: this skill is confusing for some people, so pay attention because it introduces a new mechanic: “Lowers enemy’s Incarnate Break by 50% for 2 turns”: what this means is that you will cut your opponent’s break capabilities in half, if his attack would break 100% of your incarnate, it will break 50% instead. It’s a very niche skill as of now, maybe it will be more important as the game evolves, but for now it doesn’t have many uses.

Second Skill: Luminous Lancer A+ Lv.2
The exact same assault skill as OG Ronie (light): a single target (extra strong) assault that inflicts light continuous damage for 3 turns. Keep in mind that she has 35 less magic attack stats than OG Ronie (light), therefore, deals less damage.

Third Skill: Skill Connect Luminous Burst A+
Magic attack (strong) on all enemies with an additional magic attack (weak) on single enemy (total damage on single enemy: extra strong), this kind of skill seems to be a trend these days, not that uncommon, a decent choice but this character could use something else as a third skill instead of another assault.

Incarnate Skill: Dazzling Spiral Lv.2
Incarnate magic attack on all enemies while recovers the HP (weak) of all allies, this incarnate skill is exactly the same as the new Flower Ronie (earth), she has a slightly better magic attack stat compared to her counterpart but that alone doesn’t make this incarnate skill amazing, just more of the same.

When should you consider pulling for [Page’s Job] Tiese?

  • If you lack any kind of magic attack DPS, specially light ones, since she is outclassed by a lot of them.
  • If you feel like her new break-reduction mechanic is going to be necessary or very useful some day in the future (I personally don’t think so, and even if we do, we’ll probably get more characters with this mechanic by then).
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Tiese, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, Page Tiese (light) is also an underwhelming unit when compared to similar ones. Even with a new break-reduction mechanic, I don’t feel this is enough to justify pulling for this character. Her magic attack stat is low to be considered a good Light DPS and she can be easily replaced by others in terms of general utility. In conclusion, this unit can also be considered safe to skip. It’s worth mentioning that she seems to be worse than her banner counterpart, Flowers Ronie (earth).

What about the discounted pull?

This is very subjective and varies from person to person since it all depends on your luck, but if you feel like gambling, getting any 4* character for 125 diamond cubes is a very good deal, so one might say it’s very advantageous to try your luck here. But do keep in mind that going all-in in very good banners costs roughly 1125 cubes to get to step 5 (guaranteed 4*), so saving for those is the “safest” option.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

In my opinion, discounted weapon banners are 100% worth gambling on, every single time. They cost only 75 diamond cubes and even if you don’t get any of the featured weapons, if you manage to get any 4* weapon at all, it is worth for the price. Definitely recommend trying your luck on them.

Final thoughts

Generally speaking, I think this banner is skippable and you should save your cubes for a better one, I’d like to emphasize that this is my personal opinion and who better to judge our spending than our own selves? Best of luck in your pulls and see y’all in the next banner!