SAOARS Data Update Patch Notes 4/17/20

NOTE: This is information obtained from reading the game files and making associated connections. Information shared has not necessarily been confirmed by SAOARS, Bandai Namco Entertainment, or WFS, and may or may not make it into the final game product.

Patch Notes

Immediate Files

One new event added (RE to go alongside new Banner), Event from 4/13 file updated

  • Updated 11:00PM PST: Three new and original animated story movies added for this new Ranking event

One new Unit Banner added

  • New Wind Eugeo unit added, uses sword
  • New Wind Cardinal unit added, uses dagger
    • Both subsequent Pick-Ups added
  • R4 Wind Dagger, R4 Wind Sword added for the new units

New skill effects added

  • Skill effect added for Wind “Aerial Cutter”
  • (5) Skill effects added for Wind “Wish Upon Wind”
  • (3) New skill effects added for Wind “Release Recollection”

Old weapons updated

  • R4 Bow for Light Sinon Solus updated
  • R4 Sword for Water Sortiliena updated
  • R4 Jisenken Non-elemental sword updated (Trans. >>> “Time Piercing Sword”)
    • Related skills, models, sfx, bercouli updated for this as well

Tiese limit-break crystals added

New [Story 39] exchange material and quest release items added

(7) Audo clips added / updated for Eugeo

  • 2 Battle, 3 Adv (?), 2 Talk

(40) Audo clips added for Eugeo Integrity Knight

  • 2 System, 2 Talk, 36 Battle

Spine Files

“Tall Army Empire” and “Woman Army Empire” mob models added or updated

“Alice Easy” models added or updated

“Bercouli Integrator” models added or updated

Base (?) “Gun” .skel file updated
Base (?) “Sword/Skill” .skel file updated
Base (?) “Dagger” .skel file updated

“Wish Upon Light” [Cardinal] skill added