SAOARS Data Update Patch Notes 4/23/20

NOTE: This is information obtained from reading the game files and making associated connections. Information shared has not necessarily been confirmed by SAOARS, Bandai Namco Entertainment, or WFS, and may or may not make it into the final game product.

Patch Notes

*Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel has been updated to App Ver. 1.9.0

Immediate Files

One New Event Added (Folder 1000044, WoU Vol.4)

No Banners Added– Announced Bercouli banner to come in an additional update
–> No Bercouli Character Files Added or Updated, Might use his existing Integrator models

Light R3 Accessory Added (Celestial Necklace– WoU Vol.4)

Sinon Solus Character Face Files Updated
Unknown Enemy Model Updated (527101)

Action SFX for “Enemy_Agitation_Kill 01-04” Added or Updated

Character.dil Voice Folder Created or Updated, Empty (D.I.L aka Dee Eye Ell– Leader of the Black Mages Guild?)
Character.kureha Voice Folder Created or Updated, Empty (Fatal Bullet’s Kureha/Momiji Takamine?)

UI Roulette_Stop Files Added or Updated
UI Roulette Single_Image Files Added or Updated

Fonts Updated

Spine Files

Lisbeth ALO Models Added or Updated– These are separate from her existing unit’s models (ref. ‘Pajamas’)

“Sword/Skill” .skel files updated
“Dagger, Dagger Skill” .skel file updated
“Bow, Skill_Common V0.4” .skel files updated
“Thsword, Skill_Thsword” .skel files added or updated

Mountain Goblin Enemy Models Updated

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2 years ago

Interesting. Thank you as always.