SAOARS Data Update Patch Notes 4/24/20

NOTE: This is information obtained from reading the game files and making associated connections. Information shared has not necessarily been confirmed by SAOARS, Bandai Namco Entertainment, or WFS, and may or may not make it into the final game product.

Patch Notes

Immediate Files

Bercouli_Integrator_PC Character Files Added

One New Event Added 1000050 (Next RE, Bercouli event?)

One New Banner Added 1022 (Bercouli banner)

None_Jisenken_Karagiri Battle Skill VFX Added or Updated b0635-b0639
Jisenken_Karagiri_Bercouli_Integrator Action Skill SFX Added or Updated pc_01-pc_06

Fonts Updated

Spine Files

Jisenken_Karagiri_Bercouli_Integrator_PC Skill Added
Sword_R4_None_Jisenken_3D File Range Added