SAOARS Data Update Patch Notes 4/28/20

NOTE: This is information obtained from reading the game files and making associated connections. Information shared has not necessarily been confirmed by SAOARS, Bandai Namco Entertainment, or WFS, and may or may not make it into the final game product.

Patch Notes

Immediate Files

Alice_Integrator_Sorceress and Leafa_Terraria Character Files Added

  • New weapons added for both of the above mentioned units; both are Light R4 sword users

Eugeo_Child Character Files Added (May 2020 F2P Unit)

One New Event Added 1000040 (Next RE)

  • Associated exchange material and quest release items added (Story 48)

Two New Banners Added 1028, 2015 (Alice + Leafa Banner, ?)

Seven (7) New Packs Added to diamond Shop 202005_pack_3 – 202005_pack_9

Leafa Limit Break Crystals Added

New Field GGO_Underground_Town Added

New Battle Background Added 511022001

Light_Burst_Element_Flower_Alice_Integrator Battle Skill VFX and SFX Added 01-06, b0627-b0630
Light_Blooming_Heart_Leafa_Terraria Battle Skill VFX and SFX Added 01-05, b0631-b0634

Asuna_Stacia Character Face Files Updated (OG Stacia)
Dakira_Integrator_Nohelmet Character Face Files Updated updated
Eldrie_Integrator Character Face Files Updated (OG unit)
Kirito_SAO_Wasureji Character Face Files Updated (OG or Aincrad/SL unit?)
Ronye_Trainee1st Character Face Files Updated (OG)
Yuna_OS character face files updated

Fonts Updated
No New Voice Files Added

Spine Files

Leafa_Terraria Models Added

  • No New Alice_Integrator Models Added

Burst_Element_Flower_Alice Skill Added
Blooming_Heart_Leafa_Terraria Skill Added

Skill_Common, Skill_Gun .skel Files Updated
Leafa_Terraria faceAtlas Files Added
Leafa_Terraria and Alice_Integrator_Sorceress Weapon Files Added