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Hello again everyone, Kenthos here! After a short break due to some real-life issues, I’m back with another “Should You Pull” analysis. Just like last time, I feel like new players could use some guidance on pulling for new banners since there are a lot of skippable banners going around these days, I also hope to bring the community together to discuss new banners when they are released.

Please do keep in mind that this review is SUBJECTIVE and based solely on MY OPINION, this is by no means a guide you must follow, feel free to agree/disagree and share your own opinion/review since the primarily goal of this is to discuss upcoming banners with the community.

Today I’m gonna give a brief review on both new units: 

  • [The Light Maiden] Alice
  • [Goddess of Earth] Leafa

[The Light Maiden] Alice

Element – Light
– Sword
– [B] [A] [D]

Magic Attack: 2298
She has the third highest magic attack in the game, falling only behind Cardinal (wind, 2340 magic attack) and Stacia v2 (earth, 2305 magic attack). As far as her light competitors are concerned, she’s leading against Stacia v1 (2200) and OG Ronie (2180). In conclusion, she’s the hardest light magic damage dealer available so far.

Speed: 320
The best speed stat in-game so far, tied at 320 with OS Asuna (dark), Fizel (earth), Renly (wind) and Flowers Ronie (earth), high magic attack coupled with an amazing speed, stat-wise this is a very good character, but what about her kit?

First Skill: Connect Luminous Arrow B+ Lv. 2
Magic attack (strong) on single enemy. Incarnate break 50% and lowers additional Incarnate on enemies inflicted with Continuous Damage, since DoT (damage over time/continuous damage) is a thing these days and almost every team has one character that applies it, every skill that benefits from it has a considerable advantage, meaning this Break skill is better than the regular ones.

Second Skill: Luminous Shine A+ Lv. 2
Magic attack (extra strong) on single enemy. Deals added damage on enemies inflicted with Continuous Damage. Same as the previous skill, it benefits from DoT and this is always a good thing, keep in mind that this skill also packs a huge punch considering that Maiden Alice (light) has a very good magic attack stat.

Third Skill: Quick & Feeble Body Dark
Lowers Physical Res. & Magic Res. of Dark-elemental enemies by 10% for 1 turn. Short wait time after using skill. This is a very situational skill and Maiden Alice (light) could’ve had a better one, still, it can be used against Dark-elemental enemies (specially before an Incarnate Attack, since with its short wait time she will still be present in it) and depending on the situation it will improve your general damage output.

Incarnate Skill: Sacred Incendiary Flower Lv. 2
Incarnate Magic attack on all enemies. Additional Magic attack on single enemy. Inflicts Light Continuous Damage on enemy hit with additional attack for 3 turns. This is a very complete offensive incarnate skill, it hits all enemies once, has an additional single target attack on the main target and also applies DoT to it, considering Maiden Alice’s (light) high magic attack stat, it’s gonna deal massive damage.

When should you consider pulling for [The Light Maiden] Alice?

  • If you lack breakers, she has a nice break that benefits from DoT.
  • If you lack light characters or need a good light magic damage dealer.
  • If you want to rank well in the upcoming Ranking Event, she will surely be useful in it.
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Alice, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, even though we have a lot of light characters in the game already, Maiden Alice (light) is the best magic light damage dealer released so far. She has the third best magic attack stat in the game (the highest one for light magical attackers) coupled with the best speed stat as well. She benefits from DoT which is a very common skill these days, which means that you will probably utilize her full potential a lot of the time. Ask yourself, do you need more light damage dealers or are you ok with your current roster? If you do, this unit is certainly worth pulling for. If you don’t, you might as well consider pulling for it because of her offensive capabilities and overall utility, but it’s not as necessary.

[Goddess of Earth] Leafa

Element: Light
Weapon: Sword
Kit: [C] [A] [E]

Magic Attack: 2180
A very modest attack stat, falling behind 9 other characters, specially keeping in mind her fellow light element competitors: Administrator (2290) and Fanatio (2240). In conclusion, as far as damage goes, Terraria (light) pales in comparison to other available options.

Speed: 313
Above average speed stat, being outsped by 12 characters and tying with another 4 which also have 313, could’ve been better but it’s not a bad speed by any means.

First Skill: Crescent Locust C+ Lv. 2
Slash attack (strong) on single enemy. Lowers Physical Res. by 20% for 1 turn. Incarnate Charge 20.00%. That’s the best kind of charge skill available to physical supporters as of now, it’s very nice to incarnate charge while also lowering the resistance of your enemy at the same time.

Second Skill: Sonic Leap & Grace A+ Lv. 2
Slash attack (extra strong) on single enemy. Raises Critical Damage of all allies by 20% for 2 turns. Another excellent skill, an extra strong attack coupled with arguably the best buff in the game so far, present only on Solus v2 (earth) and Stacia v2 (earth) until now, this skill is amazing and impacts heavily any team’s damage output.

Third Skill: Quick & Sharpness
Raises ATK of all allies by 15% for 2 turns. Short wait time after using skill. This skill is very common but in Terraria’s (light) case, it’s the cherry on the cake and consolidates her as one of the best physical support characters released so far because her entire kit synergy. She amazing for this function, even if her stats aren’t the best ones out there.

Incarnate Skill: Blooming Heart Lv. 2
Incarnate Slash attack on single enemy. Recovers HP (weak) of all allies. Single target incarnates are more relevant in the current meta because most of the events have single bosses, this one also heals (weak) your entire team, very good for a physical support character.

When should you consider pulling for [Goddess of Earth] Leafa?

  • If you lack chargers, she has a nice one that also lowers the physical resistance of the enemy.
  • If you lack light characters or need a good physical support, she is amazing for this role.
  • If you want to rank well in the upcoming Ranking Event, she will surely be useful in it.
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Leafa, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, even though we have a lot of light characters in the game already, Terraria (light) is the best physical support character released so far. Don’t focus on the fact that her stats are just average, her kit is amazing for a support character, charge while lowering physical resistance, the coveted critical damage team buff, an attack buff for the whole team and a built-in heal in the incarnate? She has it all, there’s no physical support character that can top that as of now. Is she irreplaceable? Absolutely not, there are other very good physical support characters out there, but she’d definitely fit like a glove in any physical team and I’d recommend pulling for her if you can.

What about the discounted pull?

This is very subjective and varies from person to person since it all depends on your luck, but if you feel like gambling, getting any 4* character for 125 diamond cubes is a very good deal, so one might say it’s very advantageous to try your luck here. But do keep in mind that going all-in in very good banners costs roughly 1125 cubes to get to step 5 (guaranteed 4*), so saving for those is the “safest” option.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

In my opinion, discounted weapon banners are 100% worth gambling on, every single time. They cost only 75 diamond cubes and even if you don’t get any of the featured weapons, if you manage to get any 4* weapon at all, it is worth for the price. Definitely recommend trying your luck on them.

Final thoughts

Generally speaking, I think this banner is very good and you should consider pulling in it if you have the means to, both units are good in their respective functions and would surely improve anyone’s roster, even though we already had a lots of light units previously available. As always, I’d like to emphasize that this is my personal opinion. Best of luck in your pulls and see y’all in the next banner!

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Is it worth it to go past step 5?