PSA: This banner features a free x11 pull, make sure to grab it!

Hello again everyone, Kenthos here! I’m back with another “Should You Pull” analysis. From now on, I’m going to start posting a lot more stuff along with the Should You Pull you’re all familiar with, including video reviews and several other kinds of SAOARS content! Now back to the analysis, hype up because a long-awaited fire banner is out, and spoiler alert, it’s an awesome one!

Please do keep in mind that this review is SUBJECTIVE and based solely on MY OPINION, this is by no means a guide you must follow, feel free to agree/disagree and share your own opinion/review since the primarily goal of this is to discuss upcoming banners with the community.

Today I’m gonna give a brief review on both new units: 

  • [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn
  • [Battle’s End] Sheyta

[Searing Tenacity] Iskahn

Element – Fire
– Fist
– [C] [A] [A]

Attack: 2320
Our first dark territory representative has the best attack stat in the game, with a comfortable lead against the runner up, Bercouli (non-elemental, 2304), he’s packing some serious punch (pun intended).

Speed: 318
A very good speed stat, being outsped by 07 other characters (five with 320 and two with 319). As far as fire goes, he loses only to his banner counterpart, [Battle’s End] Sheyta (319) and sits comfortably above the 3rd fastest fire character, which is Valentine’s Tiese (311).

First Skill: Charge Smash C+ Lv. 2
Raises own ATK by 7% (maximum 30%) for 2 turns and blunt attack (strong) on single enemy. Incarnate Charge 20.00%. A self-buffing charge skill for a character that already has the highest ATK in-game? That sounds very good if you ask me.

Second Skill: Impact Strike A+ Lv. 2
Raises own ATK by 7% (maximum 30%) for 2 turns and blunt attack (extra strong) on single enemy. An extra strong single target assault that also buffs his own attack and synergizes with his other skills. A powerful skill, especially with the synergy in mind.

Third Skill: Quick Blow A+
Raises own ATK by 7% (maximum 30%) for 2 turns and blunt attack (strong) on single enemy. Short wait time after using skill. Another self-buffing assault, a little bit weaker than the second skill but the short wait time can be useful in certain strategies, interesting to say the least.

Incarnate Skill: Fist of the Champion Lv. 2
Incarnate Blunt attack on single enemy. Lowers Physical Res. by 10% for 1 turn. Considering [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn’s amazing ATK stat and his self-buffing kit, this incarnate is gonna deal a massive amount of damage, and also applies a nice 10% physical resistance reduction to set up those 4-man incarnate combos.

When should you consider pulling for  [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn?

  • If you lack DPS characters, he’s gonna deal some serious damage.
  • If you lack fire characters, he’s a very solid fire damage dealer.
  • If you want to rank well vs. wind enemies on Ranking Events, he will surely be an useful character in your team, specially considering he has the highest ATK stat in-game and a very solid DPS kit.
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Iskahn, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn is one of the best single target physical damage dealers we’ve had in the game so far. He has the highest ATK stat in-game, a kit that not only synergize with his stats but also opens up different strategies and an amazing speed. He’s a complete damage dealer. Not to mention the fact that we’ve had a lack of fire characters so far. As always, analyze your current roster and ask yourself, do you need more fire characters/damage dealers or are you OK with what you have? We don’t know what Bandai has planned for the 6 month anniversary, but even with that in mind, I’d still recommend pulling for [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn.

[Battle’s End] Sheyta

Element: Fire
Weapon: Rapier
Kit: [H] [A] [E]

Attack: 2206
She has the second highest attack among fire characters in the game, falling only behind her banner counterpart, [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn (2340). When you compare her against all the game’s characters, she’s behind 09 of them (Iskahn included). She has a decent attack stat considering that her main function lies on her [E] (charge buff).

Speed: 319
An amazing speed stat, being outsped by 05 other characters only (with 320). As far as fire goes, she’s the fastest fire character released so far. This is amazing for a charge-buffer.

First Skill: Heal & Protect Barrier Thermal Lv. 2
Recovers HP (weak) of all allies. Raises Fire-elemental party members’ Physical Res. by 15% for 3 turns. Pretty straightforward heal with a physical resistance buff to fire-elemental characters.

Second Skill: Wild Thrust A+ Lv. 2
Thrust attack (extra strong) on single enemy. Increases Incarnate Charge when enemies are inflicted with Continuous Damage. Incarnate Charge 10.00%. You won’t be using this skill too much since her main role resides on her [E], still, it’s a decent assault with a DoT bonus.

Third Skill: Charge & Critical Yell
Raises Incarnate Charge of single ally by 2.25 for 1 turn. Raises Critical Damage by 10% for 2 turns. Our first Charge Yell with a bonus! This skill doesn’t only raises the incarnate charge of an ally, but also raises his critical damage for two turns. Very interesting. It’s worth mentioning that this synergizes very well with [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn.

Incarnate Skill: Lightning Chain – Tiger Lily Lv. 2
Incarnate Thrust attack on single enemy. Inflicts Fire Continuous Damage for 3 turns. Pretty standard single target incarnate skill that also applies continuous damage (DoT).

When should you consider pulling for [Battle’s End] Sheyta?

  • If you lack charge buffers, she has the best charge yell released so far.
  • If you lack fire characters.
  • If you want to rank well vs. wind enemies on Ranking Events, she will surely be an useful character against them and synergizes very well with her banner counterpart, [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn.
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Sheyta, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, [Battle’s End] Sheyta is the best charge buffer released so far, slightly ahead ALO Asuna (water). Not only her kit is better, she is fastest and also has a critical damage buff on her [E]. Also keeping in mind the fact that we’ve had a lack of fire characters so far, I think she is definitely worth pulling for and an amazing unit.

What about the discounted pulls? (Pick Up Scouts)

This is very subjective and varies from person to person since it all depends on your luck, but if you feel like gambling, getting any 4* character for 125 diamond cubes is a very good deal, so one might say it’s very advantageous to try your luck here. But do keep in mind that going all-in in very good banners costs roughly 1125 cubes to get to step 5 (guaranteed 4*), so saving for those is the “safest” option.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

In my opinion, discounted weapon banners are 100% worth gambling on, every single time. They cost only 75 diamond cubes and even if you don’t get any of the featured weapons, if you manage to get any 4* weapon at all, it is worth for the price. Definitely recommend trying your luck on them.

Final thoughts

With all things considered, I think this banner is totally worth pulling on. Both units are one of the best (if not the best) in their roles, we don’t have many fire characters available and they synergize amazingly well with each other. Yes, we’re currently in the middle of a 6 month anniversary campaign and they can release more amazing banners, but we can’t tell that for sure and this banner is just too good to miss. As always, you should be the judge of your own diamond cubes, but I definitely recommend pulling on this banner. Best of luck on your pulls and see y’all on the next banner review!

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