Hello again everyone, Kenthos here! I’m back with another “Should You Pull” analysis! By the way, YouTube videos are finally coming soon, stay tuned for news.

Now back to today’s review, this banner introduces a whole new skill type called Enhance Mode and it opens up a lot of new strategies, it is for sure a very interesting banner and I hope this shakes up the meta, let’s start the review!

Please do keep in mind that this review is SUBJECTIVE and based solely on MY OPINION, this is by no means a guide you must follow, feel free to agree/disagree and share your own opinion/review since the primarily goal of this is to discuss upcoming banners with the community.

Today I’m gonna give a brief review on the new unit: 

  • [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis

[Dancing in the Fog] Eydis

Element – Water
– Sword
– [C] [A] [EM]

Magic Attack: 2308

[Dancing in the Fog] Eydis has the highest magic attack stat among Water-elemental units, leading against [Relaxing on the Waters] Silica (2290) and [Soothing Streams of Light] Asuna (2240). For comparison purposes, the character with the highest magic attack stat in the game at the moment is [Gale Order] Cardinal (2340 & Wind). All things considered, [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis has a very good magic attack stat and coupled with the new Enhance Mode, she’s capable of dealing a whole lot of magic damage.

Speed: 316

[Dancing in the Fog] Eydis has the highest speed stat among Water-elemental units, leading against [Soothing Streams of Light] Asuna (315) and [Relaxing on the Waters] Silica (309). For comparison purposes, the characters with the highest speed stat in the game at the moment are [Think of Me] Asuna (321 & Dark) and [Together with Friends] Yuuki (321 & Dark). In conclusion, [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis has an above average speed stat and can be considered a fast character.

Aqueous Ball C+ Lv. 2
Magic attack (strong) on single enemy. Lowers Magic Res. by 20% for 1 turn. Incarnate Charge 20.00%. You charge your incarnate by 20% and also lower your enemies’ magic resistance by 20% for one turn at the same time, increasing the damage potential of the rest of your team’s magic characters.
Enhance Mode: Additional Magic attack (weak) on a single enemy and increases the Incarnate Charge amount to 25.00%.

Aqueous Torrent A+ Lv. 2
Magic attack (extra strong) on single enemy. Deals additional damage on enemies inflicted with a Physical Res. or Magic Res. debuff. This assault makes use of the mechanic that enhances your skills against resistance-debuffed enemies, considering [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis’ high MATK stat, it has good damage potential, especially with Enhanced Mode on.
Enhance Mode: Additional Magic attack (weak) on a single enemy and increases the Incarnate Break amount of the attack to 25.00%.

Enhance Mode/Illusion
Places your character into Enhance Mode, strengthening your skills, and increasing MP Required on usable skills for 2 turns. You can see the special changes the Enhance Mode brings to [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis’ skills by looking at the previous [C] and [A] descriptions. It lasts for two turns (three on max limit break), increases your Incarnate Skill damage and also and doubles the MP cost of your skills, so use it wisely.

Illusion Slash/Glacial Flower Aspect Lv. 2
Incarnate Magic attack on single enemy. Lowers Magic Res. by 20% for 1 turn. It’s a pretty standard Incarnate Skill, the only different thing in this case is the fact that you can increase the Incarnate’s damage by being with the Enhance Mode activated. The 20% Magic Resistance debuff is a very nice touch since it sets up nice four-man incarnate combos, especially considering [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis’ Assault has the mechanic that enhances your skills against resistance-debuffed enemies.

When should you consider pulling for  [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis?

  • If you lack Water-elemental characters, she brings a lot of utility and damage to the table.
  • If you lack chargers, she’s a very good one. Especially if you make use of her Enhance Mode.
  • If you want to rank well vs. Fire-elemental enemies on Ranking Events, she’s especially good against them.
  • If you really like the character, likes to collect all units or Eydis, specifically.

Should I pull?

In my opinion, [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis is a very interesting character. The Enhance Mode opens up a lot of new strategies, even though it’s still a new concept and they are surely going to introduce a lot of new mechanics alongside it. She hits hard, has an above average speed and a nice utility (especially with the Enhance Mode activated). Overall, I’d recommend pulling for this character since she’ll bring a lot to the table, especially if you lack Water-elemental units.

What about the discounted pull?

This is very subjective and varies from person to person since it all depends on your luck, but if you feel like gambling, getting any 4* character for 125 diamond cubes is a very good deal, so one might say it’s very advantageous to try your luck here. But do keep in mind that going all-in in very good banners costs roughly 1000 cubes to get to step 5 (guaranteed 4*), so saving for those is the “safest” option.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

In my opinion, discounted weapon banners are 100% worth gambling on, every single time. They cost only 75 diamond cubes and even if you don’t get any of the featured weapons, if you manage to get any 4* weapon at all, it is worth for the price. Definitely recommend trying your luck on them. This banner has a special 50% off deal on Step 3 for weapons, if you have spare cubes and feel like gambling, it’s a good opportunity to do so.

Individual weapon banner analysis is something I’m aiming to work on, stay tuned for updates on this section.

Final thoughts

This banner is especially interesting because it introduces a completely new skill-type/mechanic, the Enhance Mode. In my opinion, they did a very good job balancing this skill, it is not overpowered but it is very good if you use it properly. You do have to plan your actions accordingly because of the MP limitation, but there is more than one way to make use of the [EM] depending on your strategy/party members and it is for sure very useful once you get the hang of it.

As I always say, analyze your current roster: if you’re lacking Water-elemental units, this banner is very good for you not only because of [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis,  but also because it has higher summoning rates for a few past Water-elemental units.

Analyzing [Dancing in the Fog] Eydis individually, I’d recommend pulling for her because in my opinion she has a lot of utility, deals decent damage and you don’t have real MP issues on Ranking Events as long as you learn how to use her properly (keep in mind that she will definitely suffer from lack of MP if you abuse her Enhance Mode on modes like the Cathedral, for example).

And with that, we’re done for today. Thanks for reading my analysis, see y’all on the next one!

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