The YouTube livestream leading up to Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel’s 1st Anniversary has concluded! We got information on upcoming story and characters, new units, new gameplay mechanics, free scouting boxes, and more! Here’s the breakdown.

We quickly received a new Twitter campaign for interactions made before the end of the livestream, that will be giving us x50 Eydis crystals, an exchange sword, and a later-announced x50 Dark crystals as well! Distribution for these is still TBA.

Following this, we got announcement that Rising Steel would soon be adapting parts of the story set after the War of Underworld arc; These will likely be from the Moon Cradle novels and possibly some game-original story as well.

We next got some key art visuals for Moon Cradle Ronie, Tiese, Eydis, Asuna, and Kirito, followed by the announcement that two new Integrity Knights will be appearing in Rising Steel: Nergius Synthesis Sixteen and Entokia Synthesis Eighteen.

Next, we got news on upcoming gameplay mechanics, including Active Link, Partner Bonus, and the addition of new Party and Leader skills! We will be doing a separate, more in-depth post on these specifically.

A short video was also provided, displaying the Active Link mechanic in action!

Stamps are currently also under development, to be added to guild chats in the near future!

Lastly, we got information on two upcoming in-game campaigns; the first of which is extremely interesting. Players will get a free x11 scout daily during the periods of November 1st – November 8th and November 15th – December 6th. These x11 scouts apparently have a special chance to grant you more additional scouts if Kirito appears at the end; up to x110 total scouts for the day.

Assumedly, this will work on a x11 by x11 basis, with each individual x11 scout, should Kirito appear, granting you an additional one up to ten total x11 scouts. We are still waiting on additional information here, but likely won’t get any until the campaign releases in just under two weeks. Additionally, they announced the first Anniversary login bonus, that will give players an Exchange Sword, up to x15 Gold Scout Tickets, and more!

Lastly was a YouTube PV trailer showcasing most of the past game-original animations, as well as the new upcoming characters. It is currently viewable on the Beater’s Cafe YouTube channel at the link above!

That was all for this livestream, though I highly doubt that this is all of the 1st Anniversary news we’ll be getting. Stay tuned for additional information, covered best on!