The Sword Art Online Aliciziation Rising Steel countdown to 1st Anniversary livestream just ended a little while ago, and with it came a lot of new information on upcoming characters, story events, gameplay mechanics, and campaign bonuses (full recap article here)! But in this post, we are going to specifically give additional depth to the new Rising Steel gameplay mechanics: Active Link and Special Partner bonus.

What is Active Link?

Active Link is a gameplay function available across all battles and game modes. It is activated with an entirely new command, separate from regular skills or the Incarnate abilities. It is limited in use to twice every battle, and for a character to use Active Link, you’ll need to unlock the specific Active Link slot in that character’s Skill slots.

See the gameplay feature live in their Twitter video.

When a character with their Active Link slot unlocked selects the Active Link command, and both that character and the next character are allies, you’ll be able to activate Active Link. Once activated, the character who selected the command and the next character to act will be linked, and both characters will be able to consecutively launch attacks with bonuses.

Below are the bonuses that the two characters will receive:

Special Partners will be given to all new characters that debut from the 1st Anniversary Campaign and onward. You must again unlock the Special Partner slot in a character’s Skill Slots to receive the Special Partner bonus. If one character has the Special Partner Skill, in order to launch it, they and their partner must have matching Character Types.

That’s unfortunately all of the information we were provided on these new rising steel gameplay features for the moment. As also announced, there is an upcoming Yuuki banner unit on the 23rd of October, so with the functionality already in place we could possibly see these features released as soon as then! Make sure to stay up-to-date with SAOARSnet for the latest Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel news.