The Global-exclusive 1 Year Anniversary Special Video has concluded! We got new information on an upcoming guaranteed banner, the next Powerful Enemy Mission Challenge, the next Guild Raid Event, and more in-game features! Here’s the recap for those that haven’t seen it.

Starting out we have information on a new Summer 2020 Character Showcase guaranteed banner. It appears to be three Steps only, and each of these steps guarantees a ★4 unit. Released during are all of the swimsuit units and EM Alice/Solus, so depending on the featured character rates this could be an extremely enticing banner to scout on.

Next up is the announcement of a new Home Screen Character Communication feature. Players will be able to communicate via simple conversations with select characters directly from the home screen. This includes making choices as to how you respond to their messages, and is meant to simulate an actual conversation.

Following this we were told that the Powerful Enemy Mission Challenge event will be making it’s return. In this event, you will be fighting characters who can use the new Active Link features. With the absence of new Cathedral Volumes, this will hopefully provide a decent challenge even to seasoned players. The preview image shows the new Light-elemental Kirito and Eydis as potential enemies, so seeing as Dark-elemental team compositions are on the weaker side comparatively speaking, this event should prove to be interesting.

The Guild Raid Event that we recently got last month will also be returning in December. According to producer Yasukazu Kawai, they want to bring back the features that people enjoyed from the first event while at the same time blowing things up into a large-scale Raid Event (pictured you can see that there is a World Raid ongoing!!). The exact details on new features or other changes and additions are still being worked out.

The last two pieces of information aren’t actually in-game functions, but are cool nonetheless. There will be a Sword Art Online Rising Steel Shrine Maker available soon that will allow players to make their own unique shrines to celebrate one year of SAOARS. These can be made using 2D sprites, icons, and other items from the game. It will assumedly be made available via the 1st Anniversary Special Website, where there is already a 1st Anniversary Special Card Creator.

There will also be a Giveaway Campaign for the Global community coming soon to official social media channels, including stand figures, badges, pop-up phone grips, tote bags, and more! While not technically confirming anything we didn’t already assume, one of the pieces of art shown in this image hints at a potential new Eugeo unit coming to Rising Steel soon.

Lastly, there is an ongoing Twitter poll for players to vote in and choose which character’s Evolution Crystals we receive next. The voting period is 2020/11/14 12:00AM – 11/19 12:00AM(UTC), and will be tallied and rewards distributed after the period ends.

That was all the new information we received from the special video! Hopefully there was something for everyone to look forward to, and we will still be getting another 1st Anniversary livestream on November 22nd that will potentially be revealing more information as well. Stay tuned to for additional information and news. Until next time!