Thanks to the Sword Art Online Games 2020 End-of-Year Special broadcast that streamed this morning, we now have more news and information on the next upcoming banner units, the New Year’s Celebration campaign, home screen packs, and more.

Sprint Towards the Future Character Scout

The upcoming banner scout will be called Sprint Towards the Future, and will be a dual-unit banner with Integrity Knight Kirito and Integrity Knight Apprentice Ronie. Their element is still unconfirmed, but the scout will be available from December 31st. Kirito will uniquely have a brand-new illustration from abec himself!

New Year’s Celebration Login Campaign and Home Screen Pack

Starting from January 1st, there will be a New Year’s Celebration login campaign that contains a few items, but nothing particularly interesting. Also starting from December 31st, a new Sinon home screen character will be available for purchase from the shop. Sinon will be wearing a beautiful New Year’s kimono in its illustration.

5 Million Downloads Guaranteed Scouts and Up to 110x Free Scouts

Starting from tomorrow, December 28th, the 5 Million Downloads Guaranteed Scouts will be available to all players. There will be both a character and weapon banner, each available to scout two times only! Rate-up units and weapons are still unconfirmed at this time, as with the cost of the banner, but it is predicted to be full-price (250 and 150 cubes/step respectively). We will again be getting the familiar Up to 110x Free Scouts campaign from before, this time for three days from January 1st through January 3rd.

[Wind Gust] Operator to be the next Monthly Reward Character

[Wind Gust] Operator is planned to be the next free ★4 unit, and will be available starting from the next Ranking Event. This upcoming event will feature more of Eydis’ backstory, and will be named “Eydis and the Orphanage.” This event is expected to be released on December 31st alongside the new banner scout.

Kana Hanazawa’s Eydis drawing is now in production

During the last 1st Anniversary Celebration Livestream, Kana Hanazawa (VA, Eydis) won the drawing contest and it was announced that this illustration would be recreated within Rising Steel. This has officially gone into production, and will likely be available sometime in the near future. It is unconfirmed at this time whether or not it will be an available unit or a home screen character.

And that’s all of the breaking news we have for the moment! Are you excited for what’s to come? Which unit are the more interested in, Integrity Knight Kirito, or Moon Cradle Ronie? As always, stay tuned to for future news, follow us on Twitter, and look out for our upcoming editorial pieces on the Limit Increase and newly-released Accessory Creation functions!~