It’s been a long time coming since the Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel player base started asking for ★4 accessories, but thanks to the out-of-nowhere release of Accessory Crafting last week, we are finally able to get them (though I guess I should specify that the proper word to use here is create). That said, the Accessory Crafting functionality isn’t straightforward in the slightest, and with no official guidance on how these new features work, many players are confused. That’s what this guide is for!

In Accessory Crafting: The Definitive Guide we will go over what Accessory Crafting is, how the process of events works, the best and cheapest resource-saving strategies, and what the best abilities and accessory builds are for general use.

What is Accessory Crafting?

While Accessory Crafting is technically one feature out of many, we use the term to refer to the entire series of events that lead to the end goal of creating the sought-after ★4 accessories. To quickly define this, as found in the published game notice, “Collect materials and create accessories that can equip abilities! Awaken (vigil) R3 accessories to get R4 accessories! Plus, equip abilities on them to make your favorite accessory!”

The Accessory Crafting Process

So how does the whole process work? Here’s the complete list of processes or steps to follow.

Collect Materials from the Ore Fragment Collection quests.

Three new rotating Enhancement Quests were released: Ore Fragment Collection A, Ore Fragment Collection B, and Ore Fragment Collection C. All of these appear on different days and drop different materials, so please see the below table for specifics.

Ore Fragment Collection AWhite, Yellow, PurpleMonday, Thursday + Sunday
Ore Fragment Collection BRed, BlueTuesday, Friday + Sunday
Ore Fragment Collection COrange, GreenWednesday, Saturday + Sunday

As you can see, each type of quest appears on different days of the week, though all are available at the same time on Sunday’s only. The “Type” as referenced in the second column, refers to the element of materials they drop. With white materials you can create Non-elemental rings, with red you can create Fire-elemental rings, and so on. Their is technically a daily limit imposed on these quests, but you can easily use Attempt Recovery tickets to continue past the initial amount of trials.

Use the materials collected to create Accessories.

Next, you will want to actually start crafting accessories. This is accessible from the Blacksmith section by arrowing over to the right and clicking on the Create accessory button. Accessories cost 100,000 or 250,000 Shia to create and are required to be equipped to characters before you can play the Training Room quests and start collecting abilities. It’s important to note that, for the purpose of collecting abilities, you should only be creating R3 accessories (the ones with two available slots), and not R3+ (“EX”) variants. The latter option is significantly more resource-intensive, both material and Shia-wise, and should only be used to create the accessories you plan to ascend to R4. We recommend equipping an entire party of six with accessories before moving on to the next step, as this will allow you to collect abilities faster.

Additional Note: There is absolutely no reason to Limit Break or level these rings until you are absolutely required to do so. Doing this early will simply be a waste of resources and materials with no return.

Collect Abilities from the Training Room quests.

Now that you’ve collected materials and created your first set(s) of “farming accessories,” it’s time to begin collecting abilities in the Training Room. This part, as with the rest, is by itself very simple: Complete the quest, and you have a chance to see abilities drop and “equip” themselves to the attached accessories. There are three different rarities of abilities, R2, R3, and R4, each with the same affects available, but the higher the rarity the stronger or larger buff that ability gives. It is important that you are playing the EX (Enemy Lv 75) quest in order to have the chance at R4 abilities.

Note that I said there was a chance for abilities to drop. You are not guaranteed to receive an ability on every single ring equipped for each successful run, let alone one of a high rarity. But don’t fear! We’ve done the hard work for you, and collected enough data to determine the rates at which abilities themselves drop, as well as how often you can expect to receive a specific rarity of ability.

RarityR2R3R4Any Ability
Drop Rate~25%~50%~25%75%

So how do you read the table? Essentially, there is a 75% chance for any ability to drop for any accessory on any given single completion of a Training Room quest. Of that 75%, there is approximately a 25% chance that the dropped ability will be of R2 rarity, a 50% chance to be R3 rarity, and again a 25% chance to be R4 rarity. The ‘actual’ drop rate for each rarity (which factors in times that no ability dropped at all) is 19% for R2, 37% for R3, and 18% for R4. So on any given completion of a Training Room quest, there is only 18% chance for you to receive an R4 ability; This chance is [presumably] split evenly across each different ability of that rarity. You are not more likely to receive any specific R4 ability over another.

The overall sample size collected is large enough that we can be more than reasonably certain that ability drop rates are within a small margin of error to the above-listed numbers. Additionally, these rates remained consistent across all three Training Room quests, so there is not a higher or lower chance of receiving R4 abilities of a certain stat type vs. others.

Once your group of rings (however many that may be) have all of their ability slots filled, it’s time to move on.

Limit Break the rings whose abilities you want to keep.

It’s time to start limit breaking those rings. Why you might ask? It’s an unfortunate requirement that any ring you plan on smelting needs to be both MLB and maximum level first. So how do you do this effectively? Easy! You already need to get rid of the rings that received bad dropped abilities, so it’s best to use them to Limit Break the good rings, in preparation for smelting. There is no fancy new feature to do this; You will be using the same Enhance/Limit Break menu as we have been. Once you’ve decided on the rings whose abilities you want to keep, and used those you don’t to Limit Break them, just Enhance them to maximum level (40) and you are ready to move on!

Smelt off desired abilities so that they can be equipped again later.

In order to equip the abilities you want to R4 rings you create in the future, you have to get them off of their current rings first. That’s where smelting comes in. Using this feature, you take max-level, MLB rings and destroy them; Doing so allows you to keep all of their attached abilities, which are then moved into your inventory. Once these abilities are in your inventory, you can equip any combination of them to any ring you want in the future.

Once you’ve completed this step, you are officially done with the core process of events! After this, it’s pretty much rinse and repeat: Keep farming more materials, creating more rings, collecting more ability drops, and smelting the rings they drop onto so that the abilities end up in your inventory for future use.

Once you have all of the abilities you want to equip to your R4 ring(s), you can proceed to the next set of steps.

Creating R4 Accessories

Now that you have all of your desired abilities, it’s time to create the rings you want to equip them to. First, make sure you have enough materials of the element you want to be able to create four of the R3+ rings pictured below. These are the ones that start with three ability slots instead of the previous two. As you can see, this will take x144 Gold Ore, x96 [Elemental] Jasper Gemstone, and x72 [Elemental] Soul Gem.

Once the four rings in question are created, the rest of the step is fairly simple. Use three as Limit Break material for the remaining one, and then level it up to maximum. After this, equip that ring with three R2 or R3 abilities you don’t want from your inventory. This is done through the Equip ability function in the Goldsmith. Alternatively, you can do additional Training Room runs to fill these accessories, instead of using abilities from your inventory. Two out of these three abilities will be lost in the Vigil (ascension) process, so it’s important that they aren’t the ones you need. It’s finally time, so navigate back to the Goldsmith section of the Blacksmith and click on the Accessory vigil button. Select the ring you want to rarity-increase to R4, and click Vigil. It will then allow you to select an ability to keep, but because they are all garbage, just pick a random one. It will still be removed from the ring during this process and go back into your inventory.

Click Confirm to be shown a summary page for the ascension. As you can see, the ring’s rarity will increase to R4, all abilities will be removed from the ring, and the two abilities you didn’t select on the previous screen will be deleted. This process will also cost another 300,000 Shia. If everything looks as it should, you can finally click the Vigil button to finish out.

At this point you have officially completed the entire Accessory Creation process! You are now free to equip any four abilities you want from your inventory to the ring, and then finally, level it up to max. Ring complete! From here it’s all about grinding, rinsing, and repeating the steps over and over again. Fun, huh?

Additional Notes

  • You shouldn’t be limit breaking or leveling any rings until required to do so during smelting preparation. There is nothing to gain by doing so, and you are wasting resources on throwaway rings that will be destroyed during the limit break process anyways.
  • As previously mentioned, during the ability farming process, it is optimal to be using base R3 accessories instead of R3+ ones. They are 60% cheaper Shia-wise while only having 50% less ability slots (1). Additionally, they don’t require the use of Soul Gems, which drop at a significantly lower rate than the base materials required for ring creation.
  • The process is extremely expensive when it comes to Shia cost. You will very likely need to frequently stop and grind the Shia Hunt evolution event to replenish your supply; This is where the x2 Shia boosters come in to halve the amount of runs you need to do here. The same could also be said about Grindstones if you don’t already have a large amount of them.
  • There is essentially no reason to MLB your R4 rings. You don’t gain any additional abilities, ability slots, stats (like ATK, as seen on Limit-broken R4 armor), and the process is extremely expensive due to needing four additional R4 rings in order to Limit Break the initial one. Yes, you will get a 34 HP and 15 MP boost on said ring, but that is marginal at best, and certainly not worth the material investment.
  • Since most all abilities now stack properly when using two or more identical ones on the same ring, there is no reason to use abilities of R2 or R3 rarity unless you absolutely cannot get higher rarity ones. They offer the same “perks” but at drastically lower levels of benefit, to the point of old accessories, especially ATK-based ones, still being better.

Abilities and Accessory Builds

Abilities are perks that, in this case, can drop in the Training Room or be manually equipped to rings from the inventory once smelted off. They grant additional effects to your equipment that boost the power or other properties of the unit they are equipped to. From ATK boosts to MP regeneration to Shia boosting, there are many different abilities obtainable (in the next couple of days we will be creating a complete Ability List, so make sure to keep an eye out for that).

As promised, here is a list of the abilities we believe are the best, as well as the optimal combinations of them to equip. We will be updating this section in the future as we try out more options and/or new abilities are added.

ATK/MATK Abilities

Best Options

Increased ATK/MATK when Elemental RF is 3 or more R4
ATK/MATK increases by 8% when elemental RF is 3 or higher.

Equipping four of the above RF-based abilities is likely to be one of the best offensive accessories you can create. 8% is the highest buff possible from any individual ATK ability, and stacking these allows you to create rings with a maximum 32% ATK boost. Given how easy it is for some elements to get and maintain RF gauge (Water, Fire, Dark, etc.) thanks to certain units’ Incarnate abilities, there should be no difficulty in ensuring this buff remains in effect, despite it having an activation condition.

Increases ATK/MATK by 3%.

Equipping four of the above static abilities will give you the now-highest base ATK boost without requiring any additional activation conditions. The result will be a 12% boost in all scenarios, and is the “safest” option when it comes to ATK or MATK abilities. The other great thing is that they aren’t element-specific; Creating one set of rings with these abilities is all you need, since they can be moved from team-to-team with no downside.

Note: A “set” is six rings, all with the same abilities equipped.
Note: We have verified that no attack is lost when equipping an off-element ring with the abilities.
Inversely, equipping one of these rings to a unit of the same element also doesn’t provide the traditional 1.2x elemental boost.

Decent Options

Raises Charge when C Skill Linking R4
Increases CHARGE by 5% when CHARGE skill is active through Skill Link.

This build is less a requirement than it is an interesting option. Equipping four of the above abilities will give the unit in question a 20% boost to their CHARGE when participating as the 2nd+ member of a Skill Link. This ability does in fact stack on top of Charge Yell, so it has very strong potential, especially when equipped to an EM or other unit with increased CHARGE ability. While it is technically less optimal than using charge-boosting Imaginarium on units with access to them, and does require the unit to be in a Skill Link (though most of the time Chargers are anyways), it is still one of the better abilities found in the ATK/MATK Training Room if you regularly find yourself wanting or needing additional CHARGE.

Increased ATK/MATK when HP is 80% or more R4
ATK/MATK increases by 6% when your HP is 80% or higher.

While certainly not one of the best options from this section, this ability is still decent and provides a higher ATK boost than the static 3% abilities, though it comes with an activation condition. In actual practice, you will find yourself maintaining the 80% or higher HP requirement relatively easily, especially with certain elements, so this is a good alternative to the RF abilities if you still want a larger attack boost than 3%.

Worst Options

Raises Damage Dealt when B Skill Linking R4
Increases damage dealt by 5% when using an BREAK skill through skill link.

Raises Damage Dealt when C Skill Linking R4
Increases damage dealt by 5% when using an CHARGE skill through skill link.

Raises Damage Dealt when A Skill Linking R4
Increases damage dealt by 5% when using an ASSAULT skill through skill link.

Increased ATK/MATK based on the number of unconscious characters R4
ATK/MATK increases by 6% based on the number of unconscious party members (1).

Increases ATK/MATK when HP is 50% or lower R4
ATK/MATK increases by 8% when your HP is 50% or lower.

DEF/MDEF Abilities

We don’t recommend using DEF/MDEF abilities outside of a few niche scenarios or on very specific classes of characters. In all cases, straight ATK/MATK buff or other special abilities will provide far more benefit than an increase to these stats. If you absolutely must use DEF/MDEF abilities though, there are only the following two decent options.

Decent Options

Increased DEF/MDEF when Elemental RF is 3 or more R4
DEF/MDEF increases by 8% when elemental RF is 3 or higher.

Increases DEF/MDEF by 3%.

Special Abilities

Best Options

Increased Shia earned R4
Shia earned increases by 12%.

Shia abilities are the only strong option from the Special category. You can equip four of these onto a single ring for a 48% Shia boost, and these effects also stack across multiple rings as well. The optimal scenario is having six rings with x4 Shia R4 abilities for a maximum boost of 288%. For reference, with x2 Shia boosters, this would net you 380k/run on the Lv.75 Shia Hunt quest.

Decent Options

Increases SPD by 1%.

Because ATK accessories are now far better than ATK Imaginarium, there is little reason to waste slots on SPDUP R4 abilities instead of using the respective speed Imaginarium for that element. These can be used in specific scenarios to change a character’s speed and therefore attack/action order, but should generally only be used if you absolutely need to.

Battle Healing (HP) R4
Recovers 200 HP each turn.

Battle Healing (HP) is a borderline good ability from the Special category. Although you can stack four of these on a single ring to double that units Battle Healing at Max Limit Break (800 x2 = 1600), it is likely a better option to combine one or two of these with abilities from other categories that provide more offense-centered buffs.

Battle Healing (MP) R4
Recovers 5 MP every 1 turn(s).

There is little reason to use slots on Battle Healing (MP) R4 abilities. The only units who require MP management are EM characters, and a similar (reduction) ability is already available with their own Imaginarium. Because ATK accessories are now far better than ATK Imaginarium, it is more optimal to put ATK buffs on the accessories and use Imaginarium for other effects. If you do feel the need to use MP abilities, this option is still better than the Decreased required MP R4 one, since with x4 it will recover 20 MP/turn in comparison to only 10%.

Worst Options

Increases CRIT by 3%

CRIT chance is a completely useless skill, and that’s what the CRITUP R4 abilities are increasing. There is absolutely no reason to use these since CRITs are guaranteed when in an Incarnate/Special Partner attack, and that’s where 95% of your damage is coming from.

Decreased required MP R4
Reduces MP used by 2.5%.

2.5-10% reduction is marginal at best, and will make absolutely no difference over the course of an entire battle. The other MP ability, Battle Healing (MP) R4 is better anyways.

Increased character EXP earned R4
Character EXP earned increases by 15%.

Characters are often instantly leveled up on scouting via EXP Pots, which will grant a significantly larger amount of EXP than these ability boosts every will. Since Increased character EXP earned R4 modifies the match-end EXP gains, there is no reason at all to equip these.

Final Notes: There were originally a few scenarios in which identical abilities weren’t stacking properly when equipped to the same ring. This has been fixed as of 12/28 and all abilities should now be working as intended.

Thank you everyone for reading our guide! We tried to cover everything of importance regarding the new abilities and Accessory Crafting process, but please let us know in the comments or Community Discord Server if anything was missed. Feel free to also ask us questions about abilities or ring builds via the same two channels. As mentioned, we will have a dedicated page listing out all of the obtainable abilities, so this post will be updated in the coming days once that is live.

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Thanks for the info. Tested myself before I found this site. It’s legit. Excellent job