Big news has just been announced for players that had purchased the still-currently-available EM/RF Guaranteed Ticket Scout packages from the in-game shop!

For those who weren’t aware, when these packs were first released in the store there was what the company is officially calling a “mistake in the original text” that lead some quick-purchasers to believe that these tickets would result in a unit of our choice from the pool outlined in the original notice. You can see in the below image that the announcement read, in clearly-defined bold text, that players would “have one EM/RF character of your choice join your party!” This line was later modified to remove this verbiage and read what is still currently visible on the live notice.

The updated had also mentioned that, due to this mistake, the company would be considering compensation for players, and that the details on the compensation would be announced at a later time (this time delayed due to the New Year’s break to be on 1/5 or later). Well, that time has finally come!

The notice was updated within the last hour around 11:30 (UTC) on 1/6 to read the following:

For players who purchased this prior to the error being fixed and wished to do a character exchange, please contact us. Eligible Users: Players who purchased the following pack on 2020/12/31 6:00 ~ 12:00 (UTC)

This is incredible news for players who did purchase one or both of the packs during this time window, as the majority of the community was expecting little to no compensation for the issue at all. Basically it all boils down to this; Those who purchased the pack(s) will likely receive a unit of their choice as they originally expected to in the first place. Assuming this is the case, it marks one of the first times that the company has decided to issue appropriate compensation to players following an issue within the game. Let’s hope that is setting a new trend as to their possible response to future problems as they arise.

If you qualify based on the criteria listed in the notice, you should submit an Inquiry as soon as possible to receive your compensation. You can do so at the links below.

Submit Inquiry (Android)
Submit Inquiry (iOS)

Updated 1/12/20 at 15:25 UTC

Some players have started receiving their exchange units via the gift box.
Additionally, all impacted players have been given 25 Diamond Cubes as part of their compensation.
Note: The distribution process is ongoing; It may take an additional 1-2 business days for all inquiries to be completed.

Updated 1/7/20 at 11:05 UTC

We were able to skip the initial response asking for your purchase information because it was provided in our original inquiry. If you do not provide this information when you first reach out, you will receive an email asking for the following before being given the below-pictured checklist of steps:

Purchase Information
– Date and Time you made the purchase:
– Screenshot of the purchase receipt issued by your payment gateway, showing the order number, the item name, and purchase date/time:
* Please keep in mind that attachments must be in the format of jpg/gif/png.
* Each file size should not exceed 1MB.
* If you are unsure how to decrease the file size, kindly contact your device’s manufacturer.

Updated 1/7/20 at 09:25 UTC

Bandai has responded to our request and included the information as to which steps players will be required to take in order for their character exchange to be processed. These steps are available via the image below.

The steps essentially just require the player to identify the units they received from the tickets, as well as confirm that any units involved in the exchange have been cleared of items and removed from any extra parts of the game’s interface (assumedly to prevent additional issues from happening during the compensation process).

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1 year ago

I was wondering if anyone had received their compensation. I received an email from Bandai on Thursday evening saying that they would process my request and would let me know when it had been completed. I still have not received my replacement unit (I received a dupe in the RF ticket and requested Charming Heat Alice.). I emailed them again yesterday asking when the compensation would be completed but have not received any reply.