Hello everyone, Welcome back to the “Should You Pull” series— Providing you new banner and unit analysis, as well as scouting recommendations!

Note: These reviews are subjective and based solely on the opinions of the author. They are by no means guides that you must follow, so feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions; The primarily goal of these is to discuss current banners and new units with the community, and to provide additional insight from veteran players to those that would like it.

Today’s piece will cover the new [Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis unit.

[Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis

Element – Wind
– Sword
– [B] [A] [EM]

Physical Attack: 2360

[Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis now has the highest attack stat among all Wind-elemental units, and has the third-highest attack stat of all units currently available in the game. On top of this, all of her skills have additional damage modifiers on them while in E mode, including a super-strong Incarnate attack. Put these factors together and Eydis will certainly be the strongest damage-dealer of her element; second place likely won’t even be able to compare.

Other notes on base stats:

The rest of the base stats for [Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis aren’t actually half bad. She has average HP (6060), average MP (235), average DEF and slightly below-average MDEF (1152 and 1128 respectively), high CRIT (687), and average SPD (310). Overall, these are pretty decent, and it’s nice that she has average or higher HP and SPD.

Rage Back Rush B+
Slash attack (strong*) on single enemy. Incarnate Break 50.00*%.
While in E Mode: Slash attack (extra strong) on a single enemy. Deals additional damage on enemies inflicted with a physical res. or magic res. debuff. Lowers physical res. by 20% for 1 turn. Incarnate break 60.00*%.

Rage Screw Slash A+
Slash attack (extra strong) on a single enemy.
While in E Mode: Slash attack (extra strong) on a single enemy. Deals additional damage on enemies inflicted with a physical res. or magic res. debuff. Lowers physical res. by 20% for 1 turn.

Enhance Mode Shadow
Places your character into Enhance Mode, strengthening your skills, and increasing MP Required on usable skills for 2 turns*. Raises own ATK by 10% for 2 turns.

Shadow Obliteration Sword
Incarnate Slash attack (super strong) on a single enemy.

Specific Imaginarium
Imaginarium of [Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis
Decreases Required MP by 2.5% when there is an Earth-elemental enemy.

Additional Comments: It almost feels crazy to say this, but [Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis has the potential to be the top DPS unit in the game as of this moment, not to mention her being the undeniable leader when it comes to the Wind element. How do we know this? Let’s just compare her to previous high-damage units. Take the recent [The Integrity Knight With the Black Sword] Kirito for example; EM unit, high base ATK, but he didn’t have a super-strong modifier on his Incarnate like Eydis does. [Star Lighting Up the Night Sky] Kirito from the 1st Anniversary banner introduced us to these super-strong abilities and did massive damage as a result, but he wasn’t even an EM unit and has a lower attack stat. As long as her skill coefficients don’t get shafted, Eydis is going to be a monster.

While her Incarnate ability is the main draw this time around, her ASSAULT skill won’t slack either; It’s still going to hit incredibly hard. On top of this, she is the new top break unit for Wind-elemental teams with a 72% Incarnate break vs. Earth before buffs. Finally, she raises her own ATK by 10% when entering E Mode. She may be selfish and not provide a shred of utility for the rest of the team, but [Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis is going to be extremely useful, almost crucial, regardless.

When should you consider scouting for Eydis?

  • If you lack Wind-elemental characters, since Eydis will be a massively strong addition to any team composition.
  • If you lack breakers, since Eydis will now have the highest raw Incarnate break % for her element.
  • If you want to min-max your Score on the current Ranking Event, since new units now have a 1.2x damage multiplier and special link.
  • If you have the additional resources and want to add more units to your existing Wind-elemental lineup.
  • If you really like Eydis as a character or the artwork that comes along with her.

Should You Pull?

Scouting for [Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis is a no-brainer when you consider her upside vs the existing lineup of Wind-elemental units available. Being the best in multiple categories and the first EM and special partner unit for her element, you’d be hard-pressed to find any reason to skip this banner unless you just want to wait and see what comes next.

Common Questions

What about just doing the first discount pull?

While most players will be relatively low on cubes following the anniversary and other subsequent banners, Eydis will be an incredible addition to your Wind-elemental lineup even if you already have the best units, so there isn’t any harm in doing at least a single pull. For only 125 cubes, pulling even just a single duplicate ★4 makes it generally worth the investment.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

Discounted weapon banners are 100% worth pulling on, almost every single time. They only cost 75 Diamond Cubes, and pulling even just a single off-banner ★4 makes them worth the investment thanks to their being usable by any unit of that weapon type. Additionally, weapons starting with the first Anniversary units now have a 12% passive buff to ATK/MATK instead of the previous 9% when not MLB, so they will automatically be stronger than pretty much all of the previous ones.

Final Thoughts

[Underneath the Osmanthus] Eydis is as close to a must-pull unit as there can be without providing any utility for the rest of your team composition. She is entirely selfish and strictly DPS-focused (besides being a breaker…you know what I mean), but the level at which she will be able to perform in this category has [potentially] never been seen before. Quite a lot of hyper-focused players are likely to overlook her because of this, when in reality Eydis is as strong as units come in her own right. With how weak Wind has been up until now, she is certainly going to be a welcome addition to the element.

Overall, unless you absolutely can’t scout due to an understandable shortage of resources, Underneath the Osmanthus looks like a premier Wind-elemental banner to go in for. Thanks to there being only a single new unit Eydis has a full 50% chance to drop on Steps 5&7, and all of the previous strong units have a rate-up chance as well, so it’s definitely worth the pull.

Did you already plan on scouting for this new character? Do you have a different opinion when it comes to Eydis’ viability as a unit and whether or not players should scout for her? Let us know in the comments or in the community Discord server!

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1 year ago

Happy to take her on step7, she are a monster atk even on 90lvl, i think next week Asuna wind (new) comes.
Thanks for all info !