Many players aren’t actually aware of this, but there has been a detrimental bug present in the game since the release of the Eydis and the Orphanage – Part 2 High Score Ranking Event. Players using an Android device are unable to score as high as players using iOS, and it is breaking the game. Here’s a full breakdown of what the issue is and how it’s happening.

Description of the Issue

The recent Multi-Target enemy battle has introduced a new mechanic. In this event, The Lightning Horn comes with sections that each come with their own HP. HP from each one of these sections are linked together with the enemy’s core, so try using multi-target attacks to deal massive damage to it’s core. Destroying a section will also weaken the enemy’s core. Even if a section has been destroyed, the core can still take damage, so use a multi-target attack to deal massive damage to it’s core.

As we now know, having played the ranking event, this “weakened boss state” comes along with new debuffs that lower the enemy’s damage output and damage resistance by 25%. There is one for each of the additional sections/sub-targets, making two total, and reducing the enemy’s Damage Res. by 50% total. This damage resistance is synonymous with an increase to our own damage dealt.

Now for the issue itself; The damage bonus received by destroying these sections is not being applied to players on Android devices. The debuffs still visually appear on the boss itself, but the damage dealt isn’t being modified or changed at all for Android players. This means that scores are drastically lower than they should be for affected users, sometimes to the degree of millions for top-level runs. Players have inquired about this since the event’s release, while providing proof, but management (in this case, Bandai Namco Entertainment) is either asking for more information or is sending automated replies about them being “unable to determine the problem”. After four days, they have not yet addressed or acknowledged the issue, either publicly or privately.

Here’s our RAW video displaying the problem.

What the Video Shows

Take note of the damage dealt by both [Soothing Streams of Light] Asuna and [While Listening to the Sounds of Water] Alice before and after the sections are broken and the additional damage modifier is applied as a debuff to the boss. The damage is the same during the second Incarnate, even though it should be significantly higher. The characters have the same buffs and debuffs during both Incarnate attacks, so no other variables are in play.

Additional screenshots of the damage log for this video.

How to Test this Yourself

How can you find out if the bug is affecting you? It’s pretty simple, just check the damage log. Make sure that all other variables are the same or accounted for, and compare a single character’s damage both before and after the bonus for destroying sections is applied. While we are currently acknowledging this as an issue exclusive to Android players, there is still a possibility that certain iOS players are affected as well. We encourage all players to not only test this for themselves, but to send Bandai Namco Entertainment inquiries about it until they recognize and address the issue.

Android Inquiry Page:
iOS Inquiry Page:

Additional Documentation

You can also visit our Twitter account for multiple different chains of messages regarding the bug. We will continue sharing the issue and posting updates over there, even if this article doesn’t receive additional updates.

Final Words

I want to again stress that as many players as possible need to bring this to the developer’s attention, whether it be through inquiries, social media, or other outlets, so that they can be held accountable. This is a completely game-breaking bug that has been confirmed by multiple groups of players from both the Global and Japanese communities. Yet why does Bandainot only refuse to address it, but acknowledge the problem in the first place? Even after four days?

Between this, other recent bugs (like releasing a story event with broken story and missions to English-language players), and the long-standing lack of new content, it seems that there has been a further decline in both the attention to detail and general effort that the game is receiving. Whether this assumption is correct or not, I don’t think this bodes well for players passionate about the game and its longevity.

What are your thoughts on this bug or the state of the game in general? Let us know in the comments or join our community server.

Final Update
The issue has been resolved and the event length has been extended.

Updated 3/4/21 at 03:10 UTC
While the Japanese in-game notice had been updated two hours prior, all languages and global regions have now seen their in-game ranking event notice updated to acknowledge the damage bug. Further updates will continue to be posted as we receive them.

Updated 3/4/21 at 00:45 UTC
Bandai has officially acknowledged the issue and has begun investigating, according to a post from the official Japanese Twitter account.
Link here.

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Karl Heinz Jürgen
Karl Heinz Jürgen
1 year ago

Playing on an Emulator should fix this Quick.

1 year ago

does anyone use this? noone has comented is what i mean, i REALLY love SAOARS it is my fav. to play on my IOS

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