Hello everyone, Welcome back to the “Should You Pull” series—
We provide you with new banner and unit analysis, as well as scouting recommendations!

Note: These reviews are subjective and based solely on the opinions of the author. They are by no means guides that you are required to follow, so feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions; The primary goal of these is to discuss new units with the community, and to provide additional insight from veteran players to those that would like it.

Today’s piece will cover the new [Time Between Us] Yuuki unit.

[Time Between Us] Yuuki

Element – Dark
– Sword
– [C] [A] [B]

Physical Attack: 2366

[Time Between Us] Yuuki now has the highest physical attack stat among all Dark-elemental units, with the next two units being [Together with Friends] Yuuki (2292) and [Silent Knight] Sheyta (2288). While she isn’t the top attack unit overall, her high ATK stat does still place her in the top five physical units in the game. Being the strongest Dark-elemental unit means that she will likely have the highest damage output to match, especially after factoring in the self-ATK buff present on all of her skills.

Other notes on base stats:

The rest of the base stats for [Time Between Us] Yuuki are surprisingly strong as well. She has above-average HP (6210), average MP (239), above-average DEF and MDEF (1218 and 1260 respectively), below-average CRIT (594), and slightly above-average SPD (314). Similar to most of the other recent units, players will be happy that she has work-able speed and shouldn’t be dying very easily either.

Spinning Slash C#
Slash attack (strong*) on single enemy that also raises own ATK by 7% (capped at 30%) for 2 turns. Incarnate charge 20.00*%

Sonic Leap A#
Slash attack (extra strong) on a single enemy that also raises own ATK by 7% (capped at 30%) for 2 turns. Recollection field (dark) +1.

Back Rush B#
Slash attack (strong) on a single enemy that also raises own ATK by 7% (capped at 30%) for 2 turns. Recollection field (dark) +1. Incarnate break 47.50%

Dancing Blade
Incarnate slash attack on a single enemy that raises own ATK by 7% (capped at 30%) for 2 turns. Lowers physical res. by 20% for 1 turn.

Specific Imaginarium
Imaginarium of [Time Between Us] Yuuki
Increases charge by 10% vs. light-elemental enemies when using a CHARGE skill.

Additional Comments: Yuuki has a decent kit, even if she isn’t going to be one of the most well-rounded characters available. Her “Raises own ATK by 7%” skill ability is a direct throwback to a unit we got for the game’s 6-Month Anniversary; [Searing Tenacity] Iskahn. While good for padding her own personal Attack stat and damage output, this doesn’t provide any utility to the rest of her team, and if Dark-elemental team compositions are missing anything, it’s quality AOE buffers.

Taking this rather unique skill out of the picture, and you’re left with a fairly basic offering. None of her skills provide the traditional “Res. Down” or “Additional Damage” found on most other units. A Res. Down debuff is still present on her Incarnate Ability, which is fine, but she would have been a stronger unit had this skill matched the rest and offered Recollection Field like both her ASSAULT and BREAK skills do. This is the main utility provided by [Time Between Us] Yuuki, and it certainly is helpful considering RF is something the Dark element could use more of.

While the mentioned secondary BREAK isn’t technically “nerfed” in terms of the raw % of it’s skill @ Lv.1, it’s important to note that you would automatically need to take her to LI1 (Lv.105) via Moon Crystals in order for it to be at the same strength as a regular primary break skill. Whether this is worth it or not is up to the individual (I would personally say that doing so is a good idea), but [Angel of Death] Subtilizer is just so far and away the staple in this role that Yuuki still wouldn’t serve as more than a backup in optimal team compositions.

One other thing she will offer, though not vital by any means, is a slightly stronger Special Partner Active Link, since her ATK stat is higher than [Awakened Power] Kirito, the current required unit to activate this.

When should you consider pulling for Yuuki?

  • If you lack Dark-elemental characters, since Yuuki should prove to be the first or second strongest DPS option for your team composition.
  • If you lack chargers, since Yuuki will be a solid upgrade from most of the Dark-elemental pool, notably [Shot Through the Dark] Sinon.
  • If you want to min-max your Score on the current Ranking Event, since new units offer more Incarnate Charge at the beginning of a run.
  • If you don’t have [Awakened Power] Kirito, since Yuuki is the next best unit for increasing the Recollection Field.
  • If you have the additional resources and want to add more units to your existing Dark-elemental lineup.
  • If you really like Yuuki as a character or the artwork that comes along with her.

Should I pull?

Scouting for [Time Between Us] Yuuki is kind of a toss-up, and depends on how many of the above reasons apply to your personal situation. She will be a strong DPS option for Dark-elemental teams, and she will provide additional RF utility in a place that it’s definitely needed. All of that said, there are currently two ongoing Dark banners, so it’s important that you look at both available characters to determine which one is going to offer more for your team.

Common Questions

What about just doing the first discount pull?

I personally think that doing at least the discount for Yuuki is worth it. Most players will have a few extra cubes with War of Underworld rewards having just been distributed, and she will be a solid addition to your Dark-elemental lineup. This still holds true even if you already have a strong team, since there are multiple scenarios in which Yuuki can replace existing units. For only 125 cubes, pulling even just a single duplicate ★4 makes it generally worth the investment.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

Discounted weapon banners are 100% worth pulling on, almost every single time. They only cost 75 Diamond Cubes, and pulling even just a single off-banner ★4 makes them worth the investment thanks to their being usable by any unit of that weapon type. Additionally, weapons starting with the first Anniversary units now have a 12% passive buff to ATK/MATK instead of the previous 9% when not MLB, so they will automatically be stronger than pretty much all of the previous ones.

Final Thoughts

[Time Between Us] Yuuki is a solid Dark-elemental DPS unit if that’s what you need her for, and she does offer additional Recollection Field utility for an element that could use it. As touched upon previously, the most important thing here is to weigh her against the other current Dark banner, [Captive Princess] Asuna, and see who is more important for you to prioritize.

In terms of “which unit is stronger in more areas and will be more useful in the long-term”, I have to give this to Asuna. She not only provides a strong damage output compared to earlier units, but her use as a healing utility will make a larger difference in more situations, especially if you already have [Awakened Power] Kirito and [Angel of Death] Subtilizer providing Recollection Field. Asuna is lastly the “strongest” charge unit in terms of raw percentage, so she has three solid things going for her.

Overall, as previously mentioned, I would focus on scouting [Captive Princess] Asuna first unless you absolutely need to have Yuuki (waifu over meta, right?). If you already have Asuna, then you are perfectly fine doing just the discounts for [Time Between Us] Yuuki to continue improving your Dark-elemental team composition. That said, she certainly isn’t a “required unit”, so it’s up to you how deep to go, or whether you want to skip her entirely. [Faraway Skies] Alice is still here, and she is a massively-strong, limited unit, so you could go back and work towards her as well.

Did you already plan on scouting for this new character? Do you have a different opinion when it comes to Yuuki’s viability as a unit and whether or not players should scout for her? Let us know in the comments or in the community Discord server!