Gather around you puppets!
It’s an order from the High Pontifex herself!
All Knights are to split up and find that scoundrel Kirito and bring him to Her Eminence at once!
Now hurry up and get searching!
Kirito should be somewhere within Alicization Rising Steel!


Search areas in the game in an attempt to find Kirito! This could be in menus, story, shops, etc.

  • Special Story April Fools 1 Location: User Profile Page
    Click the icon in the top-left of the homescreen
  • Special Story April Fools 2 Location: Abilities Inventory Page
    Click the top-right menu > items page > abilities (second tab)
  • Special Story April Fools 3 Location: Ordinal Rewards List
    Click Ordinal Battle > present icon at the top
  • Special Story April Fools 4 Location: Story Chapter 3
    Open the story mode > chapter 3 > chapter 3-4
  • Special Story April Fools 5 Location: Goldsmith
    Click the hammer at the top of the homescreen > Goldsmith > equip abilities
  • Special Story April Fools 6 Location: Imaginarium List
    Click into any character > Imaginarium tab > edit > List button at the top

The reward for completing each April Fools mission is 3 diamond cubes.

1.5 Year Anniversary Teaser

Completing all of the above missions will trigger the final scenario scene. This interaction will tease some of the upcoming content planned for Alicization Rising Steel’s 1.5 Year Anniversary in May.


May is our 1.5-year anniversary. So we’ve got a couple of events planned!
It’ll also mark the beginning of the “Moon Cradle” story.
New info will be released later, so stay tuned!

The reward for completing the final special mission scene is a Senator Chudelkin April Fools Stamp.