Hello everyone, Welcome back to the SYP “Should You Pull” series—
We provide you with new banner and unit analysis, as well as scouting recommendations!

Note: These reviews are subjective and based solely on the opinions of the author. They are by no means guides that you are required to follow, so feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions; The primary goal of these is to discuss new units with the community, and to provide additional insight from veteran players to those that would like it.

Today’s piece will cover the new [Together in This World] Asuna and [New Era] Kirito units.
They are both available as part of the 1.5-Year Anniversary Banner Scout.

[Together in This World] Asuna

Element – Fire
– Rapier
– [B] [A] [EM]
Special Partner – Kirito

View this unit’s full status and kit on their dedicated character page.

Comments on Base Stats

[Together in This World] Asuna now has the highest base MATK (2400), regardless of element. Her damage output has been tested and puts her solidly at the top of not only all same-element characters, but all Magic units in the game. The rest of her base stats are solid as well. She has high HP (6420) and high MDEF (1224), and everything else is at least average. So there is nothing to complain about when it comes to her status.

Comments on Kit

Asuna’s skill kit is incredibly beneficial to Fire-elemental team compositions due to it having two different utility buffs. Both her BREAK and ASSAULT skills have an AOE heal while in EM mode, which is crucial for ongoing recovery throughout a battle. Being able to do this with a secondary effect instead of a dedicated skill also opens up additional turns to work with during a run, increasing the amount of strategical options available. Her Incarnate ability raises the Critical Damage of all allies, which allows both herself and Kirito to more easily reach their Limited-character CRIT cap of 60%.

As a dedicated breaker she works fine, but [Overflowing Affection] Eydis is still the go-to unit in this regard due to having the increased Incarnate Break present on most EM units [that is missing on Asuna].

Additional Comments

[Together in This World] Asuna is an absolutely crucial addition to Fire-elemental team compositions, especially now that it’s a Magic-centered element, and she is a requirement for best scores, quickest clears, and easiest turn rotations. As the new-highest DPS for Fire, she is also the go-to special partner leader since the active link mechanic has been fixed to reference the MATK stat in addition to Physical Attack. Less important but still worth mentioning, is the fact that she and Kirito are the first Fire characters with an MATK-based Leader skill, so having at least one of the two will automatically improve your damage output.

[New Era] Kirito

Element – Fire
– Dual Sword
– [C] [A] [E]
Special Partner – Asuna

View this unit’s full status and kit on their dedicated character page.

Comments on Base Stats

[New Era] Kirito has a base MATK of (2320), which makes him middle of the pack overall, but still one of the strongest Fire-elemental characters. Having tested his damage, he sits in 2nd place behind Asuna, though there is a significant gap between the two. The rest of his base stats are also very strong. Kirito has high HP (6570), high MDEF (1260), and very high SPD (319), so there is absolutely no downside when it comes to his status.

Comments on Kit

[New Era] Kirito‘s kit is focused on utility, but to an even greater degree than Asuna’s since his damage output is lower and he has a dedicated Enhance skill. Both his ASSAULT and Enhance skills raise the whole party’s Critical Damage, with the Enhance skill additionally raising their MATK as well. His CHARGE and Incarnate skills also raise everyone’s MATK, meaning that every single skill has additional use outside of their regular functions. His CHARGE grants +1 to Fire-elemental Recollection Field, and this combined with the previously-mentioned MATK buff makes it arguably the best charge skill in the game in terms of utility.

UPDATE: While the follow-up [Life of Tomorrow] Alice has a higher Charge % thanks to her imaginarium, Kirito’s CHARGE skill still has the more important utility, so using them both in this role is advised. Alice should have the priority when it comes to Incarnate Charge buffing (CY) because she can also link with Asuna.

Additional Comments

[New Era] Kirito, is as equally a crucial character as [Together in This World] Asuna for Fire-elemental teams (this is kind of expected though when it comes to Limited units). While Asuna is a DPS-primary with secondary healing abilities, Kirito is almost exclusively a dedicated utility unit. He is the only viable on-element MATK buffer, and his Critical Damage offering makes him a perfect substitute for [Sprint Towards the Future] Ronie in events where a Break Yeller isn’t necessary or physical attackers are at a disadvantage (like the current ranking event). Less important but still worth mentioning, is the fact that Kirito is one of the first Fire characters with an MATK-based Leader skill, so having either him or Asuna will automatically improve your damage output.

When should you consider pulling for Asuna & Kirito?

Note: [Together in This World] Asuna and [New Era] Kirito are limited characters. They currently do not have a planned re-release, so once the banner ends you will be unable to scout them.

  • If you lack Fire-elemental characters or want stronger characters, since Asuna and Kirito are the top two in the element.
  • If you want the best utility Fire has to offer, since Asuna and Kirito are both uncontested when it comes to elemental usefulness.
  • If you want to min-max your Score on the current Ranking, since new units offer additional Incarnate Charge at the beginning of a run.
  • If you really like Asuna or Kirito as characters or the artwork that comes along with them.

“Should You Pull?” Final Thoughts

Being limited characters that have no planned return date once the banner ends, the simple answer here is yes. Limited units have, so far, always been drastically better than anyone else; essentially in a tier of their own. But to go more in-depth, Asuna and Kirito offer a level of damage and utility previously non-existent for their element. Having both of them in a single team composition is a lethal combination that will drastically improve your performance in Fire-elemental events. Playing the current ranking event will allow you to get a free Imaginarium for both of them, unlocking an additional level to their damage capabilities.

Common Questions

What about just doing the first discount pull?

The discount step on this banner is undoubtedly worth it for all players. This still holds true even if you already have a full team, since Asuna and Kirito are just that much stronger than previous Fire-elemental characters. For only 125 cubes, pulling even just a single duplicate ★4 makes it generally worth the investment.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

Discounted weapon banners are 100% worth pulling on, almost every single time. They only cost 75 Diamond Cubes, and pulling even just a single off-banner ★4 makes them worth the investment thanks to their being usable by any unit of that weapon type. Additionally, weapons starting with the first Anniversary units now have a 12% passive buff to ATK/MATK instead of the previous 9% when not MLB, so they will automatically be stronger than pretty much all of the previous ones.

Did you already scout for these new characters? Do you have a different opinion when it comes to Asuna & Kirito’s viability as units or whether or not players should scout for them? Let us know in the comments or in the community Discord server!