Hello everyone, Welcome back to the SYP “Should You Pull” series—
We provide you with new banner and unit analysis, as well as scouting recommendations!

Note: These reviews are subjective and based solely on the opinions of the author. They are by no means guides that you are required to follow, so feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions; The primary goal of these is to discuss new units with the community, and to provide additional insight from veteran players to those that would like it.

Today’s piece will cover the new [Whimsical Rhapsody] Administrator unit.
She is available as part of the 1.5-Year Anniversary Part 3 Scout.

[Whimsical Rhapsody] Administrator

Element – None
– Rapier
– [C] [A] [H]
Special Partner – Alice

View this unit’s full status and kit on their dedicated character page.

Comments on Base Stats

[Whimsical Rhapsody] Administrator has a base ATK of (2380), which is tied for 4th overall and the new highest for Non-elemental characters. That said, while her Incarnate is likely to do strong damage, the lack of EM Mode or a modifier on her ASSAULT means that this skill will be on the weaker side of the scale. The rest of her base stats though, are also reasonably solid. She has both high DEF (1248) and very high SPD (319), with everything else being at least average. So there is nothing to complain about when it comes to her status.

Comments on Kit

Administrator’s kit is both interesting and not at the same time. While she sports a wide variety of different utilities, none of them are exclusive to her, already being present on various Non-elemental characters. Her CHARGE Skill is what will have the most use, not only providing a Critical Damage buff to all allies but also Lowering the enemy’s Incarnate Break by 50% like the recent Fire-elemental [Life of Tomorrow] Alice. Her ASSAULT Skill, while not having a damage modifier, raises the ATK of all allies making her the best current ATK buffer for the element. Her Heal has a slew of utility, both Phys. Res. for all allies and a +1 to Recollection Field, but it’s (weak) nature and res. building not being necessary most of the time means it may not have many use cases.

Her Incarnate Skill also having Critical Damage makes her most directly an [Unwavering Knight] Alice utility replacement, assuming the rest of your composition has enough Breakers or BY Asuna to fill the gap. Going back to her abilities as a Charger, Administrator’s Imaginarium offers the “Increased CHARGE by 10% vs. Non-elemental Enemies” perk, giving her the potential to tie others with the same Imaginarium as the best raw Charge % for the element.

Additional Comments

On paper [Whimsical Rhapsody] Administrator has a ton to offer, but I mentioned earlier that her kit has also has a boring side to it. Unfortunately, her biggest downfall is that every single utility available to her is already being provided by another character in the current optimal team composition. There is no shortage of chargers who can provide the same Raw %. ATK buff, while on an Enhance skill, is already offered by [The Other Hero] Eugeo with the added benefit of RF. And as mentioned, the Critical Damage buff is offered by [Unwavering Knight] Alice, a character that is not quite as easy to replace as others due to a relative shortage of quality breakers. The final issue is that she doesn’t seem likely to offer a high enough level of damage output to make her enticing in that regard. While a strong individual unit overall, she’s kind of stuck in limbo between being a replacement for a few different units instead of having a sure-fire place to fit her into your team composition.

When should you consider pulling for Administrator?

Note: There is a Limited Fire-elemental banner going on during the same period, so it is recommended to focus your resources towards getting those characters instead.

  • If you lack Non-elemental characters, since Administrator offers a ton of utility for currently-incomplete team compositions.
  • If you lack Non-elemental chargers, since her potential to tie the highest raw Charge % once you factor in Imaginarium and having a lot of additional utility on the skill makes this her primary draw.
  • If you have additional resources to use on her, since she is likely to find a useable spot on your team even with all of the previous Non-elemental characters.
  • If you want to min-max your Score on the current Ranking Event, since new units offer additional Incarnate Charge at the beginning of a run.
  • If you really like Administrator as a character or the artwork that comes along with her.

“Should You Pull?” Final Thoughts

The main detriment to [Whimsical Rhapsody] Administrator is her lack of uniqueness. To be quite frank, you don’t need her if you have most of the previous Non-elemental units. Every utility she can offer is currently being done by an existing character, and while there is a certain convenience to some of her ability’s locations, the lack of other solid replacements for units she could fill in for makes it a bit difficult to switch. Those without complete Non-elemental teams will have no regrets scouting for Administrator due to the amount of utility she offers, but those who have all of the units from this element’s last round of banners can reasonably skip her as a non-limited character without missing out on anything.

Common Questions

What about just doing the first discount pull?

If you are debating on the discount step for this banner then you are likely in one of two places. If you don’t have a lot of available currency, I would prioritize pulling the current limited units first and only scout for Administrator afterwards if you don’t already have a strong Non-elemental team. In addition to that, there are currently other, better-value resource-sinks like the daily guaranteed banners that might be a better choice for beginners or those with drastically incomplete teams. If you are somewhere in the middle then the discount pull is a reasonably safe option, and those with maxed teams or tons of resources can certainly do so as well, though the safer bet is always to wait and see what the next unit might be.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

Discounted weapon banners are 100% worth pulling on, almost every single time. They only cost 75 Diamond Cubes, and pulling even just a single off-banner ★4 makes them worth the investment thanks to their being usable by any unit of that weapon type. Additionally, weapons starting with the first Anniversary units now have a 12% passive buff to ATK/MATK instead of the previous 9% when not MLB, so they will automatically be stronger than pretty much all of the previous ones.

Did you already scout for the newest character? Do you have a different opinion when it comes to Administrator’s viability as a unit or whether or not players should scout for her? Let us know in the comments or in the community Discord server!