Hello everyone, Welcome back to the SYP “Should You Pull” series—
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Note: These reviews are subjective and based solely on the opinions of the author. They are by no means guides that you are required to follow, so feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions; The primary goal of these is to discuss new units with the community, and to provide additional insight from veteran players to those that would like it.

Today’s piece will cover the new [Brawny Knight] Entokia unit.
He is available as part of the 1.5-Year Anniversary Part 4 Scout.

[Brawny Knight] Entokia

Element – None
– Sword
– [B] [A] [E]
Special Partner – Kirito

View this unit’s full status and kit on their dedicated character page.

Comments on Base Stats

[Brawny Knight] Entokia has a base HP of (7500), which is insanely high when compared to every single other unit in the game; second place in this stat only comes in at 6900. In addition to this, his DEF of (1620) is equally far above the next best character currently available. The combination of these two stats makes one thing clear— Entokia is a true tank; The first one Rising Steel has seen. The rest of his base stats are also reasonable, with all of them coming in as average or better. Entokia’s ATK (2320) is respectable, and having tested the damage output prior to writing this article, I can confidently say that his Incarnate Skill is one of the strongest for the element. Overall, his statline is arguably one of the best-configured in the game.

Comments on Kit

While Entokia’s kit might look a bit plain at first to the untrained eye, it’s undeniable that every part of it is perfectly set to accomplish the goal of being a proper tank. His BREAK skill lowers ATK by 15% for 2 turns, ASSAULT inflicts Provoke for 3 turns, and Enhance casts Counter while also raising physical res. by 25% (up to 50%), both for 4 turns. Additional points can be given for the ability to raise his own ATK up to 30%, which plays into his Incarnate’s damage modifier and unlocks the previously-mentioned high DPS output. Something that also needs to be mentioned when discussing his damage, is Counter. [Temporal Slash] Bercouli is the only previous character to have this, but the skill then was marginal at best. Now, however, Entokia’s Counter is subject to regular CRIT chance, and in these scenarios has the ability to deal up to 50-60K/hit. Factor this over the entire battle and it can provide upwards of 350,000 pts, which is certainly significant.

Entokia is also the first character to have a different Leader Skill: This time offering a 15% increase to the Non-elemental party’s DEF. All of these buffs to DEF, combined with the Roaring Thunder Spear R4 weapon, and it’s possible to increase his defense by 200% (2x) with everything active and maxed. While it’s very obvious he was designed specifically to entice people into scouting for the current ranking event due to it’s difficulty and high-boss-damage, there is a significant possibility that his utility and damage output will remain useful in future events, even potentially in some off-elemental situations.

Additional Comments

Entokia is unique in the fact that part of his future value hinges on what upcoming Non-elemental ranking events are going to look like. This, obviously, is a big question mark and is something we have no way of knowing. While he already serves his role as a tank perfectly, even being potentially viable in niche off-element situations, having someone in this position isn’t a requirement. Future events similar to the last one will make Entokia crucial, and there is some precedent to expect this, but events that don’t require a tank will make his utility mostly null and void.

When should you consider pulling for Entokia?

Note: There is a Limited Fire-elemental banner going on during the same period, so it is recommended to focus your resources towards getting those characters first.

  • If you lack Non-elemental characters, since Entokia’s damage output is extremely high in addition to his being a solid tank.
  • If you lack Non-elemental breakers, since he has one of the highest break % once Imaginarium have been factored in.
  • If you have additional resources to use on him, since he is likely to find a spot on your team in future events, both for damage and utility reasons.
  • If you want to min-max your Score on the current Ranking Event, since new units offer additional Incarnate Charge at the beginning of a run, and Entokia’s bulkiness makes a massive difference against the current boss.
  • If you really like Entokia, being a new character, or the artwork that comes along with him.

“Should You Pull?” Final Thoughts

[Brawny Knight] Entokia is certainly a strong unit as he sits currently, but there are additional factors to consider when thinking about his future value (as mentioned above). Considering the current climate and diamond cube income, I think it’s more important to consider whether or not you need Non-elemental units in general or if you have crucial empty slots in your team before deciding to scout for him.

Common Questions

What about just doing the first discount pull?

The discount summon for this banner is definitely worth it. Entokia is the game’s first true tank, and he fills that role fantastically. On top of that, he has the best damage output for the element at the moment, and while DPS units won’t be hard to come by in future banners, these two factors place him solidly as one of the best Non-elemental units.

Any advice regarding weapon banners?

Entokia’s weapon banner is 100% worth doing the discount on, as it is the first to introduce DEF (as a replacement for the useless CRIT rate) as a weapon stat. it only costs 75 Diamond Cubes, and pulling even just a single off-banner ★4 makes them worth the investment thanks to their being usable by any character of that weapon type. Additionally, weapons starting with the first Anniversary units now have a 12% passive buff to ATK/MATK instead of the previous 9% when not MLB, so they will automatically be stronger than pretty much all previous ones.

Did you already scout for the newest character? Do you have a different opinion when it comes to Entokia’s future viability as a unit or whether or not players should scout for him? Let us know in the comments or in the community Discord server!

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1 year ago

Nice analysis ✨👌
And yet some people still say that earth Terraria is a better tank 🤣
Also would like to add that he doesn’t support the team offensively (no aoe buffs, no rf, no debuff, etc), though arguably that counter of his can be considered as offensive “support”. It seems that dmg-wise, only newest nonE Kirito and Asuna beats him, so that’s not too bad for a tank, amazing even. Lastly, the fact that his enhance when used once, make his atk cap at 30% while other nonE only caps at 20% naturally with the absence of Administrator’s buff (also the EMs, though i’m not sure if they cap at 24% or 30%), is also a thing to consider.

1 year ago
Reply to  Naijeru

Only his normal assault damage or also the part where he used his assault as counter as well?
Hmm.. interesting. Is the Kirito you tested only has 20/24% atk buff or 30% atk buff (with admin’s buff) as well? If same buff, that’s impressive. My lv 105 Entokia already did 80k more dmg than lv 120 Alice with + her title (hopefully they’ll release titles for Rain, Seven, Entokia, etc. later). It makes me want to lv 120 if next RE no one better come or if nonE limited banner will not be a thing.