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We are the largest Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel community and the Discord server for r/SAOAlicizationRS. Rising Steel is the newest free-to-play mobile game in the SAO franchise, and is a strategic turn-based RPG set in the Underworld.

We have decided to shorten the amount of information available in-server so that is can more easily be digested by new members. Please take the time to read all of the additional information available in this blog post. Once done, you can go back to the #Information channel in our Discord server and react to the acknowledgement message in order to get the Fluctlight role and be granted send message permissions to all of our discussion channels.

Reacting to our acknowledgement means that you have read and agree to all of the rules and guidelines our community enacts.

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Section 1

General Guidelines

➠ Our community is meant to be welcoming and friendly. Treat others with respect, and as you would expect to be treated by them. Employ common sense and best social practices, while following the below rules, and you should have no problems.

➠ Both the Discord ToS and Community Guidelines apply. We uphold all aspects of the Discord Terms of Service, and expect you to follow their rules and guidelines in addition to our server-specific ones.

➠ Our channels are separated based on their purpose, and some are more restrictive than others. Please read a channel’s description for more information on what is or isn’t allowed there prior to posting; Most will require you to adhere to the specified topic(s).

➠ This is primarily an English-speaking server. Please keep non-English speech to a minimum in server channels that are not specified as exceptions.

Section 2

What Isn’t Allowed?

Do not spam, harass, or threaten other members of the server.
We don’t allow hate-speech, racism, sexism, or general toxicity. This includes excessively pinging members, name-calling, gender harassment, and the overuse of provocative language or sexual innuendos. Excessive trolling or purposely unhelpful comments are also frowned upon and will result in appropriate disciplinary action if repetitive.

We do not tolerate spam in general.
You can read more about what we consider to be spam in the next section.

We don’t allow any kind of NSFW content, period.
You will likely only get one warning about this before serious action is taken.
More information about what we consider NSFW is also available below.

No account selling or real-money-trading.
Posts that attempt to buy, sell, or trade accounts will be immediately removed and the user in question will be warned. Breaking this rule a second time leads to an immediate ban. This includes any discussion related to a specific player’s account status, as well as begging or asking for accounts.

Our Staff do occasionally host account giveaways, and giving away your own account is only acceptable if hosted by a Moderator. These will usually be shared in the announcements channel. If you want to give away an account, please PM a Moderator. We do not allow doing so in chat, and we generally do not give away rerolls or fresh accounts.

No Hacking, Cheating, or Modding references.
We do not allow the discussion of these topics or anything similar. All posts having to do with this will be removed and the person in question muted. Advertising any of these things will result in an immediate ban.

No self-promotion of any kind.
This includes, but is not limited to, the sharing of other server’s invite links, personal YouTube videos, related or unrelated products or services, and asking or encouraging members to complete actions.

The only exception to this rule is for Rising Steel content creators, who are allowed to share their links, videos, or articles in the designated channel(s). Please message a Moderator to be assigned the appropriate role.

Section 2.1

Spam and NSFW Outlined

Excessive spam is not allowed, and we don’t tolerate any NSFW content at all.
Though briefly mentioned in Section 2, we felt it important to elaborate on what exactly we consider spam and NSFW.

➠ Activity is considered spam when multiple images, links, mentions, embeds, or messages are off-topic in relation to a discussion, posted in unrelated channels, posted in rapid succession, posted across multiple channels, or contain the same or similar content as previous messages. We also consider repeated messages in all caps to be considered spammy.

Included in what we consider spam is having multiple accounts. We do not allow this in our server.
Moderators reserve the right to immediately kick or ban accounts that are found to be alts.

➠ An image or video is considered NSFW when it is overly suggestive, revealing, or could otherwise be interpreted as inherently lewd. No character(s) or media types are exceptions to this rule. An occasional sexual joke or innuendo is generally fine, but messages are considered to be breaking our NSFW rule when they are overly lewd, have to do with sexual topics, or contain unnecessary horniness.

Breaking our Spam guidelines will likely result in either a warning or mute in most cases, but could also result in a more serious punishment depending on the severity or frequency of the situation(s). As mentioned previously, you will likely only get a single warning for NSFW content before more serious disciplinary actions are taken.

Section 2.5

Additional Policies

Off-Topic Conversation Policy

This is currently the most frequent reason Moderators issue warnings or delete messages.
That being the case, we wanted to provide some additional clarification as to how we handle off-topic messages.

Conversations will understandably derail at certain points, especially in the Rising Steel channel since it has the most activity by far. We don’t expect everyone to always be completely on-topic, but we do ask that you adhere to a few general rules. Anything that doesn’t have a designated channel is acceptable in #General-Chat as long as it doesn’t break other server rules.

➠ If a previous discussion ends or the chat is in a period of downtime, please do not start a conversation about a non-Rising Steel topic or spam random images and emoji.

➠ If the conversation does get off-topic or goes off on a tangent, do what you reasonably can to bring yourself back on-topic and/or politely redirect those in question to the appropriate channel.

It’s important to differentiate this from mini-modding, which is something we don’t allow in the server. We expect a respectful suggestion, not an order.

Spoiler Policy

We do allow the discussion of spoilers in our server, but only in certain channels and up to a certain point. Please read these guidelines and all channel topic’s carefully to make doubly sure that you are properly following the rules.

Something is considered a spoiler if it involves any part of a work that threatens to give away important details, plot elements, major twists, character information, or endings of a story arc or episode. This is not limited to just written text, but includes imagery as well.

Any series, game, or piece of media that released within the last six months.
Spoilers are required to not only be tagged as such, but must also be labeled outside the spoiler in a manner that allows someone to determine what is being spoiled without opening it. (eg. a label or message letting server members know that there is a just-aired episode spoiler inside.)

Sword Art Online content not covered in the anime or Rising Steel.
We now allow spoiler-tag-free discussion up through the latest animated season (Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2) and its light novel-equivalent point, which is Volume 18. All content covered or released in Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel is also freely available to be discussed in the appropriate channels without spoiler tags. The off-topic conversation policy and channel guidelines still apply.

‘Spoiler’ elements not yet adapted in the Sword Art Online anime (eg. most of Moon Cradle and all of the Unital Ring arc) are only to be discussed in the #Sword-Art-Online channel and must be properly tagged; They are not allowed in #Rising-Steel or #General-Chat.

➠ How do I properly tag a spoiler?
Label || spoiler content ||

Spoiler guidelines last updated: 5/10/21

Section 3


➠ If you see someone who you believe is breaking a rule, please PM or Ping any of our Moderators about the issue instead of calling it out in a public setting (the actual Moderator role should only be mentioned in serious situations that need immediate attention). While respectful suggestions are generally fine in the case of non-serious infractions, we do not condone members acting as mini-Moderators.

We ask that you do not request Staff punish specific people or groups of members. Members will be warned and situations handled at the discretion of Staff, based on the outlined guidelines and severity of the incident.

➠ These restrictions are by no means an exhaustive list of everything that isn’t allowed. If you have any questions regarding whether something is okay or not, please feel free to message anyone on the Moderation staff prior to posting. If a Moderator warns you or requests that something be removed, please listen to their ruling and ask for clarification if necessary.

➠ Staff may add or update these restrictions at any time.
It is your responsibility to be up-to-date with the current rules.

Server rules last updated: 5/10/21