Rankings are currently outdated and missing most recent units. We are currently in the process of rebuilding.

  • [A Thousand Years With You] Asuna added to CHARGE rank #2
  • [A New Beginning] Kirito added to CHARGE rank #7
  • [The Other Hero] Eugeo added to CHARGE rank #6
  • [Unwavering Knight] Alice added to BREAK rank #6
  • [Serene Shooting Star] Asuna added to CHARGE rank #9
  • [The Sword Shining in the Darkness] Eydis added to CHARGE rank #11

Unit Rankings

CHARGE Ranking

BREAK Ranking

Click on any unit to see their respective strengths, weaknesses, and in-depth analysis!
Alternatively available via Spreadsheet (Credit: Phoenix4137#7462).
Based on collaboration data from the r/SAOAlicizationRS Discord server and the SAOARS Community.

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7 months ago

I feel as if the tier list should be updated the 1st of every month so that we know that after each month, every new character has been placed on the tier list, also giving us regular updates on who’s better for what.

10 months ago

I’d Love to see this website get the love it needs again. The game is growing in popularity now and needs it.

11 months ago

Still no update? I am new in the game. And I’ve been farming cubes to roll Choosable 4-Star Character Step-Up Scout Event, which is will end two days from now. But, I don’t know who should I go for. So, I’ve been waiting for the ranking update, so I could choose my character easily.